Employee Training Software

The quickest way to train frontline workers

Achieve 12x higher course completion rates with our mobile-based Employee Training Software. Enhanced by gamification and AI.

Trusted by corporations and public authorities to train their staff every day

Why Lingio


Training that fits schedules

Access employee training anytime with our mobile-based platform, featuring gamification and interactive elements. Staff can learn effortlessly within their workflow on any device, new or old.

Save time with AI

Save valuable time by letting AI create and customise courses for your needs. Use our AI Course Creator or our editable templates from the Course Library.

Impressive ROI and learning results

Our unique blend of gamification and distribution features optimised for deskless staff yield up to 12x better course completion rates.

Tailored solutions for deskless industries

What is Lingio?

for learners

Gamified Learning App

Our Learning App is available on mobile phones or computers and is uniquely designed for frontline workers on the go. The interface is highly accessible and provides language support.

For managers and L&D

Coaching Portal

The Coaching Portal provides reporting and a comprehensive overview of your training programs. Easily distribute courses, track progression, celebrate achievements and boost results.

for course creators and L&D

AI Course Creator

Use our AI Course Creator to turn your internal training documents into fun and engaging learning games in just a few clicks. The courses automatically become optimised for mobile devices.

Who is Lingio for?

chart-bar-square-plus L&D managers

Quickly create inclusive and gamified courses on any topic with the help of AI or our team of in-house teachers.

chart-line-up HR managers

Close the skills gap faster with 12x more efficient staff training. Our platform is uniquely designed to engage and connect with frontline workers.

users Business managers

Onboard and preboard new team members with ease and distribute new policies to existing staff at record speed. Explore our course library, build with AI or let one of our experts help.

Save weeks on training frontline workers

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