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Inclusive learning environment

Create a more inclusive workplace with our Learning App that caters to diverse learning styles and needs. Our platform offers customised content that makes learning accessible for everyone. Enhanced with voice recognition and multilingual support, accessibility and language barriers are minimised, promoting a fair learning experience for all staff members.

Gamified learning employees love

Our employee learning platform combines the science of modern pedagogy with the thrill of gamification, creating interactive stories, quizzes, and reward points systems for effective training and development. Our online courses lead to 12x higher course completion rates compared to traditional training providers. Engage staff with gripping, gamified employee learning tools and games that ensure improved knowledge retention and enthusiasm.


Easily accessible, mobile-based learning

Accessible anytime, anywhere, our online employee learning platform delivers easy-to-digest and engaging courses. We've meticulously designed and optimised our app to ensure full functionality across all devices, from the latest tablets to older Android and Huawei phones, as well as all major browsers. 

Features and capabilities

Experience gamified learning


Immersive stories

Learners can dive into an immersive learning journey, following characters through real-life work scenarios that both educate and entertain. Each narrative is designed to mirror actual workplace challenges, helping employees develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in context. By experiencing the consequences of decisions within a safe, virtual environment, staff gain practical insights applicable to their daily tasks.

Interactive quizzes

Through gamification, our engaging quizzes become an exciting part of learning, providing immediate feedback and motivating employees with visually appealing elements and real-time results. This training method captivates while enhancing retention, so learning sticks.


Rewards systems

As employees progress through courses, they earn stars through our rewards system, which visually tracks and celebrates their achievements. This system makes training fun and gripping for staff while also aligning their personal advancements with organisational goals. Employees can observe their progress in real time, developing a sense of accomplishment and a drive to continue improving. As they chase the stars, your company reaps the benefits of a more skilled, motivated workforce.

Pia Nilsson Hornay HR Manager Scandic Hotels

Scandic The largest hotel operator in the Nordics

Scandic is partnering with Lingio because their services generate great value for our employees – and as a result for our organisation as well. Not only that, Lingio are really enjoyable and easy to work with – they help us to be successful and we have a truly genuine partnership.
– Pia Nilsson Hornay
HR Manager Scandic Hotels
AmbeaThe leading care provider in Scandinavia.
I am very happy that this course has become a reality. It is something that we have been asking for from the business for a long time. Villa Dalénum is a multicultural workplace with employees from all corners of the world. Many of our employees come directly from nursing education and we are their first workplace as assistant nurses. That alone is a challenge and then it is extremely valuable to be able to use Lingio to improve language skills.
– Heidi Heino
Operations manager at Villa Dalénum on Lidingö, Vardaga.
Stockholms Stad ● City of Stockholm
The language app is easily accessible and requires no user accounts or digital skills. You can also choose to learn the language with the support of your mother tongue. The concept where pedagogy and games work together is a strength and is experienced by many as entertaining. At Kista Jobbtorg, for example, we have a woman who took a bus driver's license and in that training feels that she benefited greatly from Lingio's language course for bus drivers.
– Sara Friberg
Deputy unit manager at Kista Jobbtorg, Stockholm City
Hemfrid ● Market leader in professional cleaning
We are proud to be a workplace where many foreign-born people start their careers in Sweden. Therefore, we want to be an employer that gives committed people a chance to learn about the Swedish labor market. The fact that we can offer language teaching is a great opportunity that increases the status both of our employees who become more employable, and of us as a company as more people apply to Hemfrid.
– Sofia Lindgren
Education manager at Hemfrid

Frequently asked questions

What is Lingio Learning App?

Lingio Learning App is a mobile-based platform designed to deliver engaging and efficient on-the-go training materials for employees. It offers gamified, interactive online training courses accessible anytime, anywhere, with multilingual support for translating industry-specific terms.

Who is Lingio Learning App designed for?

The app is designed for busy frontline staff in various industries, such as hospitality and healthcare. These frontline workers typically require accessible, flexible, and engaging employee training tools that offer self paced learning.

What devices are compatible with Lingio Learning App?

Lingio's training platform is accessible on any mobile device or tablet, allowing for on the go training.

How does gamification enhance learning in the app?

Gamification boosts learning in the app by incorporating elements like interactive stories, quizzes, and a points system that make training engaging and effective. This approach leads to higher course completion rates and ensures knowledge retention.

How do staff members log in to the app?

Staff can easily log in to the Learning App using their mobile device or tablet without the need for complex login procedures, installations, or passwords that are required with many training programs and learning management systems (LMS). No technical expertise is needed.

Does Lingio’s Learning App combine well with instructor led training?

Yes, Lingio's employee training tool integrates well with instructor-led training, offering a blend of mobile learning convenience and the personal touch of live instruction. This combination enhances engagement and learning outcomes, making it ideal for comprehensive training programs.

How effective is Lingio's Learning App for training employees?

Lingio's Learning App is highly effective for training employees, offering a blend of gamified learning, interactive courses, and collaborative learning. Its mobile accessibility and multilingual support make it an ideal tool for engaging and upskilling employees across diverse industries and backgrounds.

"Lingio is the best tool that Nobina has ever offered their employees"

Bahman Mirtorabi | Bus driver at Nobina

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