Easy and engaging cybersecurity awareness training 

In today’s digital world, empowering your team with solid cybersecurity knowledge is essential. Our expertly designed cybersecurity courses equip your staff to safeguard your data, protect your operations, and ensure your organisation's success.


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Elevate your company’s cybersecurity efforts

Protecting your company

Empower your team in the digital age

As everything and anything becomes digitised, employees who previously had limited access to IT systems must now learn to navigate the digital realm. This expansion brings new challenges, as potential fraudsters now have more targets within your organisation. That's why ensuring that everyone in your company has a deep understanding of cybersecurity risks is crucial.

Tailored cybersecurity courses

Expertly crafted training courses

Our range of cybersecurity training courses are carefully crafted by leading specialists in the industry and Lingio's learning and development experts and professional digital learning writers. 

This specialised expertise ensures that the courses capture employees' attention and drive clear and meaningful improvements in information management and compliance practices within your organisation.

lingio-mobile Our courses can easily be completed on mobile phones, laptops, or tablets
Dynamic Cybersecurity Training

Up-to-date courses for continuous learning

We work hard to keep our courses fresh, updating them regularly so you can be confident that your teams are learning the most relevant and up-to-date cybersecurity knowledge. And those that complete a course will earn a certification to validate their new skills that can be regularly updated to reflect their ongoing growth.

As threats constantly evolve and malicious actors develop new ways of infiltrating organisations, you can rely on Lingio to keep your staff's skills up to date and make sure they’re well-informed on the latest threats.


Quickly share courses at a large scale with one click

Distribute courses quickly to staff members using an easy-to-use SMS and email communication platform.


Coach and track results using our Coaching portal

Coach, track, and follow up with your employees’ course results using our easy-to-use coaching portal.


Industry terms translations in-app to 100 languages

Users can select industry terms in-app and receive the translation in over 100 languages. Learning is as easy as possible for everyone - perfect for on-the-go employees.


Easily accessible, mobile-based training

Users can access courses on their mobiles, tablets, and laptops - whenever they like as we believe that learning should be accessible to all, regardless of location or technical background. 


Tailor courses for your organisation’s specific needs and interests

Personalized courses to fit your organisation’s specific needs and interests. Use our AI to create content in seconds.


12x higher results than the industry average

Train with courses that drive 12x higher completion rates than the industry average. Employees remain engaged with learning that sticks.

Our Cybersecurity Courses

Currently, we have four cybersecurity courses that are free for your teams to try. These courses can all be seamlessly customised with your internal company policies, allowing you to adapt the content to perfectly align and cater to your organisation's unique requirements. Your pain? We understand. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.

Basic digital security

‘Basic Digital Security’ is the perfect starting course for enhancing your employee’s online safety. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, organisations must prioritise cybersecurity and safeguard sensitive data. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making it essential for teams to possess the knowledge and skills required to protect their company's digital assets effectively.

This beginner-friendly course walks through essential cybersecurity concepts and practical tips, covering topics like firewalls and antivirus software and how to recognise online scammers.

Fraud awareness training

‘Fraud Awareness Training’ is designed to provide teams with the expertise to outsmart scammers and shield your organisation's finances. 

The course equips staff with the knowledge and strategies to effectively combat various forms of fraud that pose significant risks to businesses worldwide. Created by cybersecurity experts and professional writers, the course gives teams the tools and insights necessary to safeguard your company's financial resources, confidential data, and reputation from fraud like credit card scams and subscription traps.

Corporate cybercrime

‘Corporate Cybercrime’ is the go-to course for understanding and combating cyber threats in the workplace, such as phishing and server attacks. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, safeguarding your company's valuable assets is essential.

In this engaging and informative course, we'll delve into common tactics and techniques used by cybercriminals to target organisations, equipping employees with the know-how to protect their company's valuable company data and assets.

Outsmarting cyber spies

‘Outsmarting Cyber Spies’ reveals the world of digital spying and state-sponsored cyberattacks. In this course, we'll uncover the strategies and tools used by cyber spies, both from the outside and within our organisations. 

As we focus on enhancing our cybersecurity, we must also be aware of the rising risk of malicious actors attempting to join our companies or seek assistance from current employees, and how to deal with such occurrences.

Our course will guide staff through real-world scenarios, equipping them with practical strategies for threat detection, defence, incident response, risk mitigation, and empowered decision-making.

Pia Nilsson Hornay HR Manager Scandic Hotels

Scandic The largest hotel operator in the Nordics

Scandic is partnering with Lingio because their services generate great value for our employees – and as a result for our organization as well. Not only that, Lingio are really enjoyable and easy to work with – they help us to be successful and we have a truly genuine partnership.
– Pia Nilsson Hornay
HR Manager Scandic Hotels
AmbeaThe leading care provider in Scandinavia.
I am very happy that this course has become a reality. It is something that we have been asking for from the business for a long time. Villa Dalénum is a multicultural workplace with employees from all corners of the world. Many of our employees come directly from nursing education and we are their first workplace as assistant nurses. That alone is a challenge and then it is extremely valuable to be able to use Lingio to improve language skills.
– Heidi Heino
Operations manager at Villa Dalénum on Lidingö, Vardaga.
Stockholms Stad ● City of Stockholm
The language app is easily accessible and requires no user accounts or digital skills. You can also choose to learn the language with the support of your mother tongue. The concept where pedagogy and games work together is a strength and is experienced by many as entertaining. At Kista Jobbtorg, for example, we have a woman who took a bus driver's license and in that training feels that she benefited greatly from Lingio's language course for bus drivers.
– Sara Friberg
Deputy unit manager at Kista Jobbtorg, Stockholm City
Hemfrid ● Market leader in professional cleaning
We are proud to be a workplace where many foreign-born people start their careers in Sweden. Therefore, we want to be an employer that gives committed people a chance to learn about the Swedish labor market. The fact that we can offer language teaching is a great opportunity that increases the status both of our employees who become more employable, and of us as a company as more people apply to Hemfrid.
– Sofia Lindgren
Education manager at Hemfrid
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