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What is the Lingio AI Course Creator?

The Lingio AI Course Creator is an AI-powered tool that quickly transforms training material into engaging, bespoke courses in seconds. For example, training may centre around onboarding, security, customer service, or cybersecurity. These easy-to-complete online courses can then be distributed via SMS directly from the platform to enhance employee skills and knowledge.

What is Lingio Learning App?

Lingio Learning App is a mobile-based platform designed to deliver engaging and efficient on-the-go training materials for employees. It offers gamified, interactive online training courses accessible anytime, anywhere, with multilingual support for translating industry-specific terms.

What is the Lingio Coaching Portal?

The Lingio Coaching Portal is designed for managers to coach employees and empower teams. It includes features such as streamlined course distribution, progress tracking, and automated engagement. 

What is a ‘learning game’ and how does it work?

A 'learning game' is an educational tool that combines gameplay with instructional content to enhance learning engagement and retention. It works by embedding educational material into the format of a game, which may include elements such as scoring, competition, challenges, and interactive storylines. These games make learning more enjoyable and can be highly effective at motivating learners, encouraging problem-solving skills, and promoting critical thinking. 

How can I get started with the AI Course Creator?

Getting started with the AI Course Creator is easy. Contact us to schedule a demo and see firsthand how you can transform your training materials into interactive, tailor-made courses. Once you become a Lingio user, simply upload your training material into our platform. Within a few clicks, you'll have an industry-specific course, optimised for engagement and ready to share.

Who can use the AI Course Creator?

Everyone can use the AI Course Creator. However, the Course Creator works particularly well for HR, L&D, and business managers overseeing staff in frontline industries, including hospitality, facility management, cleaning, transport, and homecare.

How long does the AI Course Creator take to work?

The AI Course Creator is designed for rapid course development. However, how long it takes to work depends on your specific needs. Generating a short course directly from concise text can be accomplished in just a few minutes. For more comprehensive courses involving extensive editing and customisation, the time required will vary based on the depth of content and the level of personalisation desired. 

How can I create a course?

You can either upload a training document, create a course yourself from scratch, or let our AI course generator work its magic and produce a completely new course by inputting a keyword. You can also edit ready-made courses from our premium library.

I want to purchase a ready-to-use course. What do you offer?

We offer a range of premium, ready-made courses developed by teachers and industry experts within several areas, including workplace wellbeing, cybersecurity, and how to deliver high-quality customer service. You can find them all in the course library. 

How do I create several answer choices?

Your new AI assistant creates multiple-choice answers for your questions in seconds - you can choose what you’d like to include.

What learning formats can the Course Creator generate?

The Lingio AI Course Creator supports a variety of engaging learning formats to enhance the educational experience. It can generate interactive quizzes, dynamic dialogues, and immersive stories that simulate real-world scenarios to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

How can I customise my course?

You can change the design of your course using the Lingio AI Course Creator through several customisable options: 

  • Content editing: Easily edit the written content of your course to better fit your training objectives and audience needs. Adjust the complexity of the language, update information, or restructure lessons to improve clarity and flow. 
  • Question customisation: Decide which AI-generated questions to include in your courses. 
  • Branding and identity: Incorporate your company’s logo and adjust the colour schemes to align with your brand identity. Choose from a selection of WCAG-approved colour palettes to ensure accessibility. 
  • Character customisation: Personalise characters in course dialogues by choosing names and roles that resonate with your organisational context.
  • Interactive elements: Add or modify interactive elements like quizzes and dialogues. You can also integrate multimedia such as videos and images from a royalty-free bank or upload your own.
  • Course tone and style: Set the tone of the course content, whether it’s formal, conversational, or instructional, to match the preferred communication style of your audience.

How can the Lingio Coaching Portal improve team training and development?

The Coaching Portal enhances the process of coaching an employee by offering a birds-eye view of progress and Learning App results. It includes detailed reporting for ROI analysis and an automated nudging system to keep employees motivated and on track with their training. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of employee training and development is covered, making it easier for managers to support and coach their teams effectively.

How does the automated engagement feature work?

 The automated engagement feature is a key component in coaching for employee development, sending timely reminders and encouragement directly to staff. This ensures employees stay motivated and make consistent progress through their training. By fostering an environment of continuous encouragement and support, the feature eliminates the need for constant manual oversight, allowing for a more efficient and effective coaching approach to employee development.

Can the Lingio Coaching Portal help identify areas of improvement for employees?

Yes, the portal is an integral part of the employee coaching process, enabling managers to pinpoint employees' focus areas for growth with ease. Thanks to its detailed reporting features and analytics on training impact and employee progression, the portal provides a solid foundation for understanding and enhancing the coaching process. This facilitates a more targeted and effective approach to employee development.


Is the Lingio Coaching Portal suitable for all types of organisations

Yes, the portal is designed to be versatile and user-friendly, making it especially suitable for HR managers and any business looking to enhance its team's development and training outcomes. However, the Lingio Coaching Portal works especially well for those training frontline staff members, such as those in the hospitality, healthcare, cleaning, transportation, and facility management industries.

Who is Lingio Learning App designed for?

The app is designed for busy frontline staff in various industries, such as hospitality and healthcare. These frontline workers typically require accessible, flexible, and engaging employee training tools that offer self paced learning.

What devices are compatible with Lingio Learning App?

Lingio's training platform is accessible on any mobile device or tablet, allowing for on the go training.

How does gamification enhance learning in the app?

Gamification boosts learning in the app by incorporating elements like interactive stories, quizzes, and a points system that make training engaging and effective. This approach leads to higher course completion rates and ensures knowledge retention.

How do staff members log in to the app?


Staff can easily log in to the Learning App using their mobile device or tablet without the need for complex login procedures, installations, or passwords that are required with many training programs and learning management systems (LMS). No technical expertise is needed.

Does Lingio’s Learning App combine well with instructor led training?

Yes, Lingio's employee training tool integrates well with instructor-led training, offering a blend of mobile learning convenience and the personal touch of live instruction. This combination enhances engagement and learning outcomes, making it ideal for comprehensive training programs.

How effective is Lingio's Learning App for training employees?

Lingio's Learning App is highly effective for training employees, offering a blend of gamified learning, interactive courses, and collaborative learning. Its mobile accessibility and multilingual support make it an ideal tool for engaging and upskilling employees across diverse industries and backgrounds.

How do I delete my account?

Please reach out to us at here if you want to delete your account.


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