Transforming learning for on-the-go employees

At Lingio, we believe learning should be a fun experience that encourages people to practice and learn more quickly. That's why we use artificial intelligence, gamification, and coaching to achieve impressive results for our customers and their staff.


Trusted by corporations and public authorities to train their staff every day


How it all began

Lingio started in the summer of 2015 in response to the wave of refugees arriving in Sweden. Three ex-colleagues from Spotify and EA Games were keen to contribute and help newcomers integrate into Swedish society and the labor market more quickly. 

The three founders wanted to make learning and development easier and more accessible for people, especially those working in busy, underserved, on-the-go industries. For example, the cleaning services, transport, hospitality, construction, and home care sectors.


A gap in the learning and development market

They saw a gap in the market for training and development for these target groups. They brought together their games and product skills to create Lingio, a language-learning product for working professionals. 

Several customers soon asked if Lingio could make learning skills as fun and effective as their language courses. With experience completing several research Ph.D. projects on AI and learning, the team created their second product, the Lingio AI Course Creator.


Backed up by prominent investors

Today 20 people work at Lingio with experience in everything from web development to sound production, teaching, translation, and partnerships. And in 2022, we closed an investment round of 41M SEK (approx 3.8M USD) led by BackingMinds to grow Lingio internationally.


A team of AI experts and teachers

Our team of technical experts develops our AI courses and software, working closely with our language teachers, educators, and vocational teachers to ensure that the content is engaging, relevant, and educational.

The Lingio team has extensive teaching experience, matched with the latest AI technologies, to facilitate learning in a fun and effective way.

Our mission to upskill 2.7 billion deskless workers and strengthen labour market integration

Save weeks on training frontline workers

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