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Create custom, AI-powered courses in seconds

Our AI Course Creator quickly transforms training material into stimulating, custom-made courses in seconds to empower employees to exceed expectations and enjoy learning.

Getting started is simple: just upload your training material. Within a few clicks, you’ll have an interactive, tailor-made, and industry-specific course ready to share in seconds.

lingio_own_your_course You own your course. You decide how you want to share it.

Tailored learning for busy employees

Online learning can often be time-consuming for deskless employees, such as those working in home care, cleaning services, transport, and other industries. But our gripping, mobile-based courses make online learning a breeze for everyone.

Our innovative AI Course Creator has been designed with the expertise of real teachers that understand the best methodologies for teaching and training busy on-the-go employees.

lingio_our_ai_trusted_sources Our AI only pulls data from reliable sources like Wikipedia and your own trusted material

Enhance employee retention and customer satisfaction

Solve staffing issues with time-efficient training and onboarding to help keep your employees engaged and eager to succeed.

Effectively implement new policies and drive long-lasting behavioral change with Lingio’s results-driven technology: our learning platform has 12 times higher completion rates for courses compared to similar products on the market.

Trusted by companies and government organizations to train their staff every day

Reliable AI for training course creation

Our AI leverages only the most reliable sources to create your training courses, meticulously extracting content from trusted databases like Wikipedia or from personally uploaded documents. During the course creation process, you can further verify and refine your AI-generated questions and answers to ensure their accuracy before publishing.


Easily accessible, mobile-based training

Our AI-powered courses are interactive, digestible, and user-friendly. They’re available round the clock, and a mobile device is all that’s needed to complete them.


Translate industry terms in-app to 100+ languages

Users can select industry terms in-app and receive the translation in over 100 languages. Learning is as easy as possible for everyone - perfect for on-the-go employees.


Quickly distribute courses at a large scale

Distribute courses quickly to staff members using an easy-to-use SMS and email communication platform.


Choose from our ready-to-use courses

Our premium, ready-made courses center around workplace wellbeing, cybersecurity, and delivering high-quality customer service.


12x higher results than the industry average

Train with courses that drive 12x higher completion rates than the industry average. Employees remain engaged with learning that sticks.


Track results with our coaching portal

Coach, track, and follow up with your employees’ course results using our easy-to-use coaching portal.

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How the AI Course Creator works

1. Submit your training document

Upload your training document into the AI Course Creator - we welcome any text file. Voila, your document is transformed into a digestible course in seconds.

lingio_safe_-4 You own your course. You decide how you want to share it.

2. Add AI-generated questions and images

Let the magic of AI generate your tailor-made assessment questions. Customize your new course to your exact liking by editing, removing, or adding to your AI-generated questions and answers.

Give your course the finishing touch it needs with the help of our royalty-free image bank, or upload your own pictures.

3. Share your course

Share your course with staff members and colleagues with a simple click of the ‘Share’ button. And just like that, you can share the link with your colleagues!

Welcome to a brand new world of efficient and seamless training!

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Pia Nilsson Hornay HR Manager Scandic Hotels

Scandic The largest hotel operator in the Nordics

Scandic is partnering with Lingio because their services generate great value for our employees – and as a result for our organization as well. Not only that, Lingio are really enjoyable and easy to work with – they help us to be successful and we have a truly genuine partnership.
– Pia Nilsson Hornay
HR Manager Scandic Hotels
AmbeaThe leading care provider in Scandinavia.
I am very happy that this course has become a reality. It is something that we have been asking for from the business for a long time. Villa Dalénum is a multicultural workplace with employees from all corners of the world. Many of our employees come directly from nursing education and we are their first workplace as assistant nurses. That alone is a challenge and then it is extremely valuable to be able to use Lingio to improve language skills.
– Heidi Heino
Operations manager at Villa Dalénum on Lidingö, Vardaga.
Stockholms Stad ● City of Stockholm
The language app is easily accessible and requires no user accounts or digital skills. You can also choose to learn the language with the support of your mother tongue. The concept where pedagogy and games work together is a strength and is experienced by many as entertaining. At Kista Jobbtorg, for example, we have a woman who took a bus driver's license and in that training feels that she benefited greatly from Lingio's language course for bus drivers.
– Sara Friberg
Deputy unit manager at Kista Jobbtorg, Stockholm City
Hemfrid ● Market leader in professional cleaning
We are proud to be a workplace where many foreign-born people start their careers in Sweden. Therefore, we want to be an employer that gives committed people a chance to learn about the Swedish labor market. The fact that we can offer language teaching is a great opportunity that increases the status both of our employees who become more employable, and of us as a company as more people apply to Hemfrid.
– Sofia Lindgren
Education manager at Hemfrid

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