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Our mission to upskill 2.7 billion deskless workers and strengthen labour market integration

Our mission to upskill 2.7 billion deskless workers and strengthen labour market integration

Did you know there are approximately 2.7 billion deskless workers worldwide, representing a staggering 80% of the global workforce? A ‘deskless worker’ is an employee who doesn’t work in a traditional desk or office setting. Instead, they’re often on their feet, working in various environments such as customer homes, hospitals, or construction sites.

Despite their significant presence, this segment has been largely overlooked when it comes to software and technology investments, with only 1% of total technology investment allocated to them so far. Yet, 91% of deskless workers demand better training software, showing a clear need for a re-imagined training and development solution.

Here at Lingio, we believe it's time to change that. Our innovative AI Course Creator unlocks the immense potential of the deskless workforce, providing fair training opportunities for all and bridging the gap between education and employment. 

Keep reading to discover the unique challenges deskless workers face when it comes to training and how we help overcome them at Lingio.

The challenges of training the deskless workforce

Deskless workers are the backbone of industries such as home care, transportation, cleaning, and more. They’re constantly on the move, making their training needs distinct from those who work behind a desk with a computer. 

They may perform tasks in various locations, interact with customers, or manage physical operations. Often, finding time to sit down and listen to lengthy training sessions or work on a long course becomes a significant challenge.

Unlike their counterparts, who can often dedicate hours to training in front of a computer or at a physical location, deskless workers often lack the time and flexibility to engage in traditional training methods.

Traditional training methods like in-person classes and reading through thick physical courses often fail to reach and engage these workers effectively, resulting in low completion rates and missed learning opportunities. Recognising this, we’ve set out to revolutionise how deskless workers access and engage in training, empowering them to upskill and thrive in their careers.

Our courses are accessible on mobile devices, enabling deskless workers to learn at their own pace during breaks, while commuting, or whenever they have a few moments to spare.


12X higher course completion rates compared to other training solutions

Our AI-powered platform makes it super simple to generate industry-relevant training courses. You can transform text into engaging, mobile-based courses in a matter of seconds.

Reliable and verified AI

By leveraging four years of government-funded AI research, our team developed a reliable and verifiable content creation process. We only use reliable sources such as online platforms like Wikipedia and your own trusted company training documents to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the training material. The Course Creator also requires an intuitive verification step to confirm all AI-generated questions and answers are also human-verified by you.


One of the key differentiators of the AI Course Creator is the integration of gamification techniques. Our team, made up of former employees from Spotify and EA Games, has drawn upon their expertise to create an engaging and fun learning experience for all participants. 

We’re proud to achieve an impressive 12 times higher course completion rate compared to other training solutions. We believe that learning should be enjoyable, motivating, and rewarding, which is why our Course Creator incorporates elements that encourage users to practice and learn more quickly.

“We started this project in 2019 to revolutionise the way individuals and organisations approach learning and training in the workforce of the future,” said Yashar Moradbakhti, Lingio’s CEO. “Instead of sharing training documents that employees may or may not have read or understood, our AI Course Creator helps you create gamified training courses in seconds that yield 12 times higher course completion rates compared to other solutions. The learning model is built on four years of research into verified AI practices proving our commitment to responsible technology and upholding the highest standards in AI for workforce training.”

Inclusive and equitable tools for all

We understand that deskless workers often come from diverse backgrounds, possess varying levels of education, and have different language proficiencies. That's why our AI Course Creator is designed to be inclusive and cater to various audiences.

Our platform supports translations for over 100 languages, ensuring everyone can access and understand the training courses. 

We’re committed to promoting diversity and equality in the workplace, which is why our courses represent a mix of ethnicities, genders, and people with various disabilities. Our training courses embrace inclusive language and strive to create an environment that reflects the diverse nature of the modern workforce.

“To date, more than 10M skills exercises have been played through Lingio's ready-made skills courses, but with the new AI Course Creator we’ve upleveled our current technology to offer our customers the tools they need to create, securely host and share their own company-specific training courses on our platform by themselves,” added Yashar. “Our model is unique in the sense that it includes equitable training tools, such as built-in industry-reviewed translation support, so that workers of all backgrounds, education levels and language proficiency can learn new skills on their terms. We’re committed to inclusivity and equal opportunities in the workplace, so we work hard to provide equitable tools on our training platform.”

Highly customisable

We also understand that organisations have unique identities, branding guidelines, and preferred tone of voice. With our Course Creator, customisation is at your fingertips. 

Our platform allows organisations to tailor course content with their brand name, images, and tone of voice. The AI-generated quizzes, dialogues, and stories can incorporate relevant job roles, industry terms, and the organisation's name to create a fully personalised learning experience.

Empowering the deskless workforce with the AI Course Creator

At Lingio, we’re driven by the vision of making education accessible for all and supporting the upskilling of the workforce, including the deskless.

Our AI Course Creator empowers the deskless workforce, providing mobile-based, verifiable, and engaging training courses. By providing engaging and easily accessible training courses, we aim to unlock the potential of 2.7 billion deskless workers worldwide. 

Join us on this transformative journey and sign up for our AI Course Creator for free here. Together, let's revolutionise training for the deskless workforce and build a more inclusive and skilled labour market.

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