10 use cases for Lingio's AI Course Creator

Whether you want to onboard new staff, enhance product knowledge, or nurture teams, the AI Course Creator offers a wide range of uses for organisations.


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Time-saving training with the AI Course Creator

With the AI Course Creator, organisations have a powerful tool to revolutionise employee learning and training. Our user-friendly platform allows companies to quickly create fully customised, mobile-based, and gamified training courses in just a few clicks. 

But how exactly can businesses use the Course Creator? We’re here to share just a few of the ways the platform can be used to streamline learning and training. 

How can businesses use the Course Creator?


1. Onboarding and staff training

One of the most critical stages of the hiring process for any company is onboarding and training. It sets the foundation for employee’s success and integration into the organisation. Our Course Creator enables you to streamline this process by creating engaging and interactive onboarding and training courses on whatever topic you like. 

To create a course, all you need to do is upload your own material as a Word document or simply enter a keyword related to your training. Then the AI Course Creator will generate a comprehensive, gamified course in seconds which you’re free to edit and fine-tune to your liking. Using the AI Course Creator for onboarding and training ensures that new hires receive and learn essential information about their role, such as company policies, procedures, and culture, in an engaging and accessible format.

In the long run, this type of time-efficient, gripping training drives long-lasting behavioural change in the workforce, keeping staff engaged and comfortable in their roles.


2. Product training

Keeping your employees up-to-date with the latest product or company knowledge is essential for any organisation. The AI Course Creator allows you to create product training courses tailored to your specific needs. 

By uploading relevant materials or using keywords associated with your products or organisation, you can create interactive courses that educate your workforce on the features, benefits, and best practices.


3. Workforce development and skills training

To stay competitive in today's ever-evolving market, organisations need to invest in the continuous development of their workforce. The Course Creator enables you to create training courses that enhance employees' skills and promote professional growth. 

Whether it's improving communication, leadership, or problem-solving abilities, Lingio offers custom or premium, ready-made courses for ongoing learning. Plus, with Lingio’s courses, employees can engage in interactive quizzes and challenges that make the learning experience a whole lot more enjoyable and memorable.


4. Global team training

With in-app industry term translations to over 100 languages, you can easily train your global teams and ensure consistent understanding across different regions. This ensures that every team member, regardless of their native tongue, gains comprehensive knowledge of crucial industry terms.

This feature significantly helps with the challenges of language barriers, potential misinterpretations, and localised misunderstandings. Empower your multinational workforce with a clear, unified knowledge base and pave the way for better communication, deeper trust, and more productive international collaborations.


5. Complement for coaching programs

Coaching plays an important role in employee development and performance improvement. The Course Creator complements coaching programs by providing courses and a digital coaching portal to test learners and track results and progress. 

The Course Creator’s tracking portal allows managers and coaches to monitor learner’s progress and identify areas where additional support may be required. By combining coaching with the AI Course Creator, organisations and individual coaches can create a comprehensive learning ecosystem that boosts growth and engagement.


6. Team nurturing

Building a strong community within your organisation fosters collaboration, engagement, and a sense of belonging. In the long term, this helps keep staff happy in their roles and increases retention.

The AI Course Creator offers companies the chance to nurture their teams with the likes of fun quizzes and interactive activities. For example, you could create a staff quiz including fun facts about every team member. Employees can participate in friendly competitions, earn points, and engage with their peers, promoting a sense of camaraderie among team members.


7. Lead generation

The AI Course Creator can also serve as a powerful lead-generation tool. By creating training courses on topics related to your industry, you can offer valuable content to potential customers and capture their interest. 

For example, if you're in the cleaning supplies business, you can create a course on the best practices for cleaning materials. This positions your organisation as an industry expert and allows you to capture leads interested in learning more about your products or services and how to use them.


8. Workshop and program reinforcement

If your organisation conducts workshops or training programs, the AI Course Creator is a valuable tool to reinforce the knowledge gained during these sessions. 

Creating recaps and warm-up courses can refresh participants' memories and ensure that key takeaways are retained. This helps to solidify learning and allows employees to apply their new skills and knowledge more effectively.


9. Content repurposing

If you have valuable documents, manuals, or even blog posts that could work well as engaging training material, the AI Course Creator can transform it into a course within seconds. 

Instead of starting from scratch and spending hours or even days or weeks creating courses, you can leverage your existing resources and convert them into interactive and mobile-based learning experiences. This not only saves a huge amount of time and effort but also maximises the value of your existing content.


10. Customer education

By creating courses that educate your customers on how to make the most of your products or services, you empower them to become proficient users. This enhances their overall experience and increases customer satisfaction. Whether it's providing tutorials, FAQs, or troubleshooting guides, the AI Course Creator enables you to deliver comprehensive and self-paced customer education materials.

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