Boost facility operations and workplace safety with gamified training  

Solve the staff shortage and upskill challenge. Train employees cost-efficiently with gamified, mobile-based microlearning. Transform any training document into fun courses with AI. Built-in translation support to 100+ languages. 

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ISS Global facility management services company

We like to say that we are the people behind the world's best workplaces and ISS's most important asset is indeed its people. We know that different backgrounds, qualities, and life experiences provide the best conditions for running and developing the company. Therefore, we work systematically to support our employees in their development and have signed a cooperation agreement with Lingio, which offers language courses adapted to different professional roles.
– Paolo Pelacchi Björkman
HR Director at ISS Sweden

Ensure safe and operational facilities with rapid course delivery


Keep employees safe, instant course creation powered by AI

Facility management can be full of hazards and injuries which presents an ongoing challenge, not to mention constantly changing regulatory and compliance standards. Information that is meant to keep employees safe can’t be delayed, it needs to be distributed fast. It can also be challenging to know who has read an email or if the information has been understood. 

This is why we created Lingio AI Course Creator, so you can quickly transform any text or document into an interactive course and distribute it to employees via text messages. You can track the course completion results inside the Coachingportal.

lingio_safe_-4 You own your course. You decide how you want to share it.
Mobile based training

Mobile-ready learning to optimize facility operations

Online learning can be challenging for building managers and coordinators, especially as they often spend their time on-site away from a desk. But Lingio’s gripping, mobile-based, easy-to-use courses make learning and internal company communications a breeze.

Keep your employees up to speed with the latest instructions and policies to control maintence costs and streamline facility operations. With Lingio you can train all employees without taking them off their shifts. 

lingio_trust_ Our AI only pulls data from reliable sources like Wikipedia and your own trusted material
Learning designed for busy professionals

Upskill talents and solve the staff shortage

Upskilling is the new hiring, to meet the staff shortage in the facility management industry post  pandemic and Brexit. With Lingio, you can train talents effectively whether it is customer services training, facility regulations or scenario-based learning. When competing for talents, it’s important to make them feel engaged and valued by the employer. 67% feel that gamified learning is both more engaging and motivating. Boosting training with a gamified course can boost your brand as an employer. 

The result? Lingio has 12 times higher course completion rates than other providers. 

94% recommend Lingio’s professional courses

Spend minutes instead of weeks training your staff


94% recommend Lingio

94% of course participants recommend taking a course with Lingio


Lingio recommended as a top provider

Forefront recommends Lingio over other global learning apps


12x higher course completion

Lingio has 12x higher course completion rates than other training providers


Save hours or weeks training your staff

Save time and create a course in seconds instead of hours

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Reliable AI for training course creation

Our AI leverages only the most reliable sources to create your training courses, meticulously extracting content from trusted databases like Wikipedia or from personally uploaded documents. During the course creation process, you can further verify and refine your AI-generated questions and answers to ensure their accuracy before publishing.


Easily accessible, mobile-based training

Our AI-powered courses are interactive, digestible, and user-friendly. They’re accessible 24/7, and a mobile device is all that’s needed to complete them.


Translate industry terms in-app to 100+ languages

Users can select industry terms in-app and receive the translation in over 100 languages. Learning is as easy as possible for everyone - perfect for on-the-go employees.


Quickly distribute courses at a large scale

Distribute courses quickly to staff members using an easy-to-use SMS and email communication platform.


Choose from our ready-to-use courses

Our premium, ready-made courses centre around workplace wellbeing, cybersecurity, and delivering high-quality customer service.


12x higher results than the industry average

Train with courses that drive 12x higher completion rates than the industry average. Employees remain engaged with learning that sticks.


Track results with our coaching portal

Coach, track, and follow up with your employees’ course results using our easy-to-use coaching portal.

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Deliver powerful skills training with Lingio's gamified technology


Save weeks on training frontline workers

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