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We currently offer language courses for 25+ different professions as well as several courses in skills that the Swedish labor market requires. We continuously expand our range of courses on demand. Please contact us if there’s a course you’d like us to develop.

Swedish for 25+ professions

We currently offer courses and advanced courses for the following professions:



  • Auto mechanic
  • Bus driver (levels 1 and 2)
  • Truck driver



  • Senior care (levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • Documentation in eldercare
  • Home care


Child care

  • Preschool


Cleaning & property

  • Housekeeper
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Property caretaker
  • Property engineer
  • Property manager
  • Property technician



  • Ground worker
  • Concrete worker
  • Electrician
  • Träarbetare
  • Carpenter
  • Construction worker
  • HVAC
  • Heavy Equipment Operator



  • Software engineer
  • Software architect
  • Software tester



  • Baker
  • Industrial kitchen
  • Butcher


We also offer courses in general Swedish, levels 1, 2 and 3.


thai cleaning worker

Skills for the Swedish labor market

Lingio also offers several courses that strengthen the skills and knowledge which participants need to work in Sweden. For this reason, we’ve developed the Working in Sweden training package, which includes, for example:

  • What applies in Swedish workplaces
  • Digital skills (three basic courses)
  • Equal rights and LGBTQI
  • The rights and obligations of employees
  • CV, interview and salary setting

The courses are designed to help course participants navigate the Swedish labor market and they include the topics that employers have expressed a need for.

The courses are easy to access and work equally well on a mobile phone or a computer.


Equal rights and HBTQI


Cyber security


Digital skills

Deepen your employees' knowledge of cyber security

Cyberattacks are currently one of the most serious threats to our modern organizations. In order to reduce the risk of a costly IT attack, every employee needs to be trained in risk and secure online behavior. With this in mind, we offer courses that teach employees how to behave online, regardless of whether they use a computer or a mobile phone, with the aim of reducing corporate security risks.

Our powerful e-learning has built-in language support to ensure that communication reaches its intended audience and that everyone understands, regardless of background. Please contact us and we'll tell you more.


Vocational Swedish, developed with the industry

Our language exercises are inspired by everyday workplace situations. Motivational educational methods and smart AI tools for learning and pronunciation have enabled Lingio’s participants to perform 12 times better on average than students using other industry products. Our courses are developed in partnership with industry experts from organizations such as the Construction Federation, TechSverige, Swedish Healthcare, among many others.


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