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15 best AI tools for course creation to try in 2024

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Published: Jan 08, 2024
Updated: Jun 03, 2024


15 Best AI Tools For Course Creation To Try in 2024

As generative AI technology continues to push the frontiers of content creation, its integration into the field of educational content is more critical than ever.

If you’re an online educator or training professional in a corporate L&D department, the leap from conventional software to AI-powered course development platforms isn't just a tool upgrade - it's a complete overhaul of how you can conduct employee training programs.
These tools don't just expedite course creation - they open doors to new methods of engaging learners, making education more adaptable and impactful.

Our comprehensive guide delves into the top AI tools for course creation in 2024. We’ve meticulously assessed each tool, focusing on their user experiences and the presence of AI capabilities.

Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting, these tools promise to enhance your workflow, allowing you to focus more on the art of teaching and less on the logistics of content creation.

As you journey through our roundup, we hope you'll find the perfect tool to incorporate into your technology stack for building modern learning experiences. Together, let’s explore our top recommendations for you!

Together, let’s discover some amazing AI-powered tools that can revolutionise your HR operations, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness.


Top AI tools for course creation in 2024: A deep dive

Let’s zoom in on specific solutions that stand out in 2024. Each tool in our list has been carefully evaluated to ensure it offers more than basic functionality. We've dedicated time and resources to verify that every tool brings a genuinely useful AI-powered feature to the table. They represent a leap forward in educational technology, where artificial intelligence isn’t just an add-on but a core component that empowers educators and enriches the learning journey.

1. Lingio

0---Lingio---websiteScreenshot from Lingio website.

  • Lingio isn't just another course creation tool - it's a game-changer in AI-driven training material development. Trusted by large corporations and public authorities for managing training and skills development for their teams, Lingio generates custom, gamified, and engaging courses in a matter of seconds. This novel tool transforms traditional training material into interactive, mobile-friendly course formats using cutting-edge AI, saving tons of time and resources for L&D teams.



Key capabilities of Lingio:

  • Superfast course generation: With Lingio, course creation is a breeze. Simply upload your training material, and the AI Course Creator instantly converts it into an engaging, interactive course. Customise it further with AI-generated assessment questions and relevant images. Once finished, sharing your course is just a link away, ensuring quick and easy access for staff and colleagues.
  • Gamified learning: With backgrounds from EA Games and Spotify, Lingio’s courses have been developed using fun gamification elements to make learning exciting and memorable. Gamification elements used include storylines, interactive quizzes, and points systems so employees can really enjoy training. 
  • 12x higher course completion rates: Based on government-funded research since 2019, Lingio’s AI technology and courses are developed by teams of teachers, game designers, and industry experts. With this expertise, Lingio’s courses result in 12x higher course completion rates compared to other products on the market.
  • Mobile-first learning format: Lingio caters to the modern, mobile workforce by offering courses that are accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices. This approach particularly benefits industries with deskless workers, such as home care, cleaning services, facility management, hospitality, and transportation.
  • Reliable and verifiable AI: Lingio’s AI only uses trusted sources and the organisation's existing training documents to maintain accuracy and relevance in course materials. Plus, during the course creation process, human editors can further verify and refine AI-generated questions and answers to ensure accuracy before publishing.
  • Inclusive multilingual learning support: Break language barriers with Lingio's ability to translate industry-specific terms into over 100 languages, making it an inclusive platform for diverse employee groups. As well as this, Lingio has partnered with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) to make learning accessible for people of all abilities.
  • Coaching portal for trackable training outcomes: Coach, track, and follow up on the impact of your courses with Lingio's mobile-friendly coaching portal. It features real-time tracking, ensuring high completion rates and engagement.
  • Versatile for various use cases: Lingio’s course creation can be used for a wide range use cases, including onboarding, training, and skills development. Courses can include compliance training, internal company instructions, information sharing, customer support training, leadership development, and much more.

Lingio product experience shared by a customer:

“Scandic chose Lingio because their platform creates great value for our employees - and thus also for our business. Lingio is also fun and easy to work with – they help us succeed, and we have a genuine partnership.” - Pia Nilsson Hornay, HR Manager at Scandic, The largest hotel operator in the Nordics with 19,000 employees Full story here.


Lingio pricing:

2. Thinkific

ThinkificScreenshot from Thinkific website.

Thinkific is an online course platform that empowers entrepreneurs and educators to create, market, sell, and deliver their courses. Renowned for fostering vibrant learning communities and monetising memberships, it offers scalable solutions for diverse learning products. Serving over 50,000 course creators, Thinkific aims to transform expertise into sustainable businesses through innovative learning tools.

Key capabilities of Thinkific:

  • Free AI tools for creators: Thinkific offers AI-driven tools like a business name generator, course name generator, content-specific AI writing tools, and more, helping users brainstorm and select the perfect names for their courses and communities.
  • Educational app maker: With Branded Mobile by Thinkific, users get a custom mobile app for their courses, complete with their branding, ensuring a seamless mobile learning experience.
  • Integration with trusted tools: Thinkific’s App Store allows easy integration with familiar learning and marketing tools, enhancing the platform’s functionality for business growth.

Thinkific ratings:

Thinkific pricing:

  • Freemium version is available with a limit of 1 course.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $36/month when billed annually.


3. LearnWorlds

learnworldsScreenshot from LearnWorlds website.

LearnWorlds, established in 2014, is an online platform for creating, selling, and promoting courses. It's used by diverse entities, including international organisations and major corporations, as a lightweight learning management system (LMS). The platform focuses on streamlining the educational content business while enhancing the learning experience.

Key capabilities of LearnWorlds:

  • AI assistant: LearnWorlds offers an AI assistant that streamlines course creation and enhances quality output. It helps generate course outlines and repackage existing content with a fresh perspective.
  • AI-driven assessment designer: This feature enables the creation of contextual exams and quizzes from existing learning content, simplifying the evaluation process with AI-generated comprehensive assessments.
  • Ebook writer: LearnWorlds' AI assistant streamlines the creation of eBooks, allowing users to define instructional methods and tone for consistent, quality educational content.

LearnWorlds ratings:

LearnWorlds pricing:

  • 30-day free trial available. No credit card is required.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $24/month when billed annually. An additional $5 per course sale is charged.


4. Synthesia

synthesiaScreenshot from Synthesia website.

Synthesia is an AI video generator founded in 2017 by AI researchers and entrepreneurs. It enables the creation of professional videos using AI avatars and voiceovers, eliminating the need for traditional video production equipment. Synthesia is designed for users who seek to produce video content quickly and efficiently in over 120 languages.

Key capabilities of Synthesia:

  • Diverse AI avatars: Offers a selection of over 140 human-like AI avatars, regularly updated for quality and diversity, to personalise video content.
  • Custom avatar creation: Provides options to create custom avatars through a webcam AI avatar maker, enabling personalised videos in multiple languages.
  • AI voiceovers: Converts text to high-quality voiceovers in over 120 languages, with features like voice cloning and automatic closed caption generation.

Synthesia ratings:

Synthesia pricing:

  • Offers some free-to-use tools.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $22/month when billed annually.


5. Easygenerator

easy-generatorScreenshot from Easygenerator website.

Easygenerator is an e-learning authoring tool used by over 50,000 users worldwide, including companies like Kellogg’s and T-Mobile. It focuses on enabling subject matter experts to create interactive online learning content easily. The platform's user-friendly interface and AI assistant make it accessible for all, facilitating engaging course creation without needing coding or instructional design skills.

Key capabilities of Easygenerator:

  • EasyAI tool: EasyAI accelerates course development, offering features like ideation, brainstorming, and content summarisation for faster knowledge sharing and scalable e-learning solutions.
  • Text-to-speech functionality: This feature includes 55 voices across 31 languages, allowing for diverse, high-quality audio content creation, which enhances comprehension and accessibility.
  • Automated translation: Easygenerator’s auto-translation, powered by advanced machine learning, enables efficient localisation of e-learning content, ensuring consistency and reducing time spent on edits.

Easygenerator ratings:

Easygenerator pricing:

  • 14-day free trial available. No credit card is required.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $108/month when billed annually.


6. EdApp

edappScreenshot from EdApp website.

EdApp is a mobile learning management system (LMS) that enhances corporate and retail training through its freemium mobile platform. It offers efficient and engaging e-learning accessible to all, aiming to transform workplace knowledge transfer with quality training tools.

Key capabilities of EdApp:

  • AI Create feature: EdApp's AI Create allows for rapid course creation, generating entire lessons with just a click, bypassing the need for extensive brainstorming or research.
  • Robust reporting and analytics: The platform offers comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to track compliance, identify learning gaps, and design better learning outcomes.
  • Quick quiz maker: EdApp's Rapid Refresh is a sleek quiz maker that quickly reinforces concepts and pinpoints knowledge gaps, automatically delivering quizzes to learners' devices.

EdApp ratings:

EdApp pricing:

  • Freemium version is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $2.95/user/month.


7. Coursebox

courseboxScreenshot from Coursebox website.

Coursebox is another AI-powered online course creation tool designed to streamline the course creation process. It offers a solution that generates draft course structures and content, including quizzes, in seconds. The platform allows users to edit and customise their courses using a drag-and-drop editor, making course development fast and user-friendly.

Key capabilities of Coursebox:

  • Quick drafts: Coursebox's AI tool can design a course structure swiftly and then build draft course content, significantly speeding up the course creation process.
  • Drag-and-drop editing: After AI generation, users can easily edit and customise their courses with a simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • Customisation to specific needs: Coursebox LMS can be tailored to meet specific industry or business needs, offering customisation from minor tweaks to entirely new features.

Coursebox ratings:

Coursebox pricing:

  • Freemium version is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $9.9/user/month.


8. CourseAI

course-aiScreenshot from CourseAI website.

CourseAI is an e-learning authoring tool that caters to people interested in creating and selling online courses for passive income. It simplifies course creation by offering AI-driven topic generation, making it suitable for users of all skill levels.

Key capabilities of CourseAI:

  • AI-suggested topics: CourseAI provides options to manually select a course topic or use AI to generate a trending topic, catering to diverse user preferences.
  • Module quiz generation: The tool creates quizzes for each module to assess students' understanding of the material, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Target audience identification: The tool helps identify the course audience persona, including demographics and psychographics of potential students.

CourseAI ratings:

CourseAI pricing:

  • 3-day free trial plan is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $29.99/user/month.


9. Kajabi

kajabiScreenshot from Kajabi website.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for creating and selling online courses, coaching, and memberships. Launched in 2010, it has empowered over 50,000 knowledge entrepreneurs in 120 countries. Its suite of tools, including AI capabilities, assists in structuring courses, creating lessons, and building marketing campaigns, enabling users to start selling quickly.

Key capabilities of Kajabi:

  • Course outline tool: Offers a structured course outline generation feature, breaking down topics into modules and lessons using AI.
  • Lesson content generator: Provides pre-built course lessons expanded through AI.
  • Integrated coaching tools: Kajabi includes tools specifically designed for coaching businesses, streamlining the creation, management, and growth of a profitable coaching practice.

Kajabi ratings:

Kajabi pricing:

  • 14-day free trial plan available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $119/month when billed annually.


10. Absorb LMS

absorbScreenshot from Absorb LMS website.

Absorb LMS is a powerful learning management system developed by Absorb Software Inc., designed for effective training and education. It stands out for integrating traditional LMS features with a strong focus on user experience.

Key capabilities of Absorb LMS:

  • Intelligent assist: This AI feature streamlines LMS administration, allowing admins to use natural language for efficient management of tasks and easy access to reports and actions.
  • Intelligent recommendations: Advanced AI analyses learner data to suggest new, relevant content displayed on the learner dashboard, tailoring suggestions to individual interests.
  • Mobile learning LMS: Absorb LMS's mobile app extends learning beyond the desktop, offering AI-enhanced, intuitive learning experiences accessible anytime, anywhere, ideal for on-the-go or field-based employees.

Absorb LMS ratings:

Absorb LMS pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.


11. Coassemble

CoassembleScreenshot from Coassemble website.

Coassemble is an online training platform known for its visually engaging and accessible training tools. Launched in 2016, it’s designed to cater to entrepreneurs, businesses, and training organisations, focusing on enhancing every aspect of the employee training experience.

Key capabilities of Coassemble:

  • Document to course transformation: Utilising AI, Coassemble can convert standard document formats into engaging microlearning courses, supporting formats like PDF, DOCX and PPTX.
  • AI-generated quizzes: The platform can automatically generate quizzes from course content, testing learners' knowledge effectively.
  • Learner feedback collection: Coassemble includes a feature for learners to provide reactions at the end of each course, enabling instructors to evaluate and adapt the course content based on learner progress and feedback.

Coassemble ratings:

Coassemble pricing:

  • Freemium version is available.
  • Paid plan information is available on request.


12. Mini Course Generator

mini-course-generatorScreenshot from Mini Course Generator website.

Mini Course Generator is a course authoring tool that creates interactive mini-courses and microlearning materials. It's designed for businesses looking to turn their expertise into engaging, bite-sized educational content. The tool is ideal for generating leads, enriching workshops, educating communities, or onboarding newcomers.

Key capabilities of Mini Course Generator:

  • Dedicated AI assistant: The tool includes an AI Assistant for complete mini-course creation and content support, using GPT-4 to generate comprehensive courses with images.
  • Integrated quiz and personalisation features: Enables smooth integration of quizzes and surveys into courses, with personalised course endings tailored to user performance.
  • Workflow automation with webhooks: Users can connect the tool with other software like email marketing platforms.

Mini Course Generator ratings:

Mini Course Generator pricing:

  • Freemium version is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $15/month when billed annually.


13. Heights Platform

heights-platformScreenshot from Heights Platform website.

Heights Platform is an all-in-one, AI-powered course creation software tailored for entrepreneurs, coaches, and online marketers. It simplifies selling digital products and content through branded online courses on users' domains.

Key capabilities of Heights Platform:

  • AI-powered course editing: Heights’ AI can edit and modify your digital content as requested, streamlining course development.
  • Interactive chat with AI: Creators can chat with Heights AI for guidance on growing their online knowledge business and receive instant answers, akin to having a private coach available 24/7.
  • Review and confirmation of edits: Allows users to review and confirm any changes Heights AI suggests before finalising, ensuring accuracy and control.

Heights Platform ratings:

Heights Platform pricing:

  • 30-day free trial plan is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $19/month when billed annually.



cousify-meScreenshot from website. is an online platform offering a streamlined process for creating and customising your online school ecosystem. It is designed for ease of use, enabling users to build and organise courses with a user-friendly interface quickly.

Key capabilities of Coursify:

  • Intuitive course builder: Features an easy-to-use course builder, allowing real-time previews of the course's appearance.
  • Modular course design: Facilitates the organisation of courses into modules, making learning more manageable and effective.
  • Customisable branding: Offers customisation options for logos, images, colours, and styles to create an online school that reflects the user’s identity.

Coursify ratings:

  • G2 rating: Not listed yet.
  • Capterra rating: Not listed yet.

Coursify pricing:

  • Freemium version is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $23/month when billed annually.


15. Stellar Labs

stellar-labsScreenshot from Stellar Labs website.

Stellar Labs is an AI learning design tool and learning transfer platform that leverages neuroscience to enhance the course creation and delivery process. It’s designed for rapid drafting and launching of impactful learning designs, combining the speed of AI with the quality assurance of neuroscience-backed approaches.

Key capabilities of Stellar Labs:

  • AI-driven design process: Accelerates the learning design process with AI, enabling quick structuring of draft content and alignment on behaviours and business objectives.
  • Contextual scenario training: Employs AI to guide learners through contextual scenarios, ensuring skill practice in a safe environment.
  • Neuroscience-guided methodology: Utilises the GEAR methodology, integrating best learning practices to move learners from knowledge to application efficiently.

Stellar Labs ratings:

  • G2 rating: No ratings available yet.
  • Capterra rating: Not listed yet.

Stellar Labs pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.

Some valuable tips for leveraging AI technology in your course development process

Integrating AI in course creation isn’t just a technological advancement - it's a strategic tool to enhance the educational experience. Here are some tips for effectively leveraging these AI tools in your course creation process:

  • Identify sub-workflows for AI enhancement: When selecting an AI tool, it's crucial to pinpoint the specific areas of your course creation process that could benefit most from AI intervention. For example, if your goal is to quickly develop courses with the added capability of catering to a global audience, a tool like Lingio is ideal. Its strengths in rapid course generation, combined with robust multilingual support, make it exceptionally suited for efficiently creating content that resonates with diverse international learners.
  • Utilise AI for customisation: AI can analyse learner data to offer personalised course recommendations or adapt content based on specific learning patterns. This makes the learning experience more engaging and effective.
  • Integrate AI insights for improvement: Many AI tools provide valuable insights and analytics. Use this data to continually refine your courses, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of your learners.
  • Combine AI with traditional methods: While AI brings innovation, it works best when combined with traditional teaching methods. Ensure your course still retains human elements like storytelling, personal anecdotes, or instructor-led videos.
  • Stay updated on AI developments: AI in education is rapidly evolving. Stay informed about the latest advancements to enhance your course offerings continually.

AI integration success story: Nobina's transformation of bus driver training with Lingio-generated mobile courses

Nobina, the largest public transport operator in the Nordic region, partnered with Lingio to revamp their bus driver training. They transformed their traditional staff handbook into interactive, gamified mobile courses. This approach made training more accessible and engaging, especially for a workforce spread across different countries. The courses, available on mobile devices, combined bite-sized learning with in-app translations in over 100 languages, significantly improving the onboarding process and overall learning experience. The success of this project demonstrates the powerful impact of AI-driven tools in enhancing and modernising employee training.


What’s next: Take an AI tool for a spin for your next course

As you stand at the threshold of a new era in course creation, it's time to consider integrating AI tools into your workflow.

When selecting the right AI tool, focus on AI capabilities aligning with your needs. Consider how these tools adapt to your workflow, whether it's in automating course outlines, offering insightful analytics, or providing multilingual support.

In this context, consider exploring Lingio, especially for its strong mobile learning capabilities. Lingio excels in rapidly generating courses that are accessible and engaging on mobile devices, making it an ideal tool for today's increasingly mobile learners. Its ability to break language barriers enriches this experience, catering to a diverse, global audience.

Why wait? It's time to take Lingio for a spin and experience its innovative AI features firsthand.


1. Can AI tools in education customise learning experiences for individual students?

Yes, AI tools in education can significantly personalise learning experiences for individual students. These tools utilise machine learning and data analysis to understand learners’ unique needs, preferences, and learning styles. By analysing performance metrics and engagement patterns, AI can tailor content, adjust difficulty levels, and suggest relevant topics to ensure each student receives a learning experience most conducive to personal growth.

For example, Lingio creates hyper-relevant, AI-generated courses tailored to specific industries or job roles. This level of customisation ensures that learners receive content that’s directly applicable and valuable to their specific context.

2. How do AI course creators ensure the accuracy of generated content?

AI-powered online course creators ensure generated content's accuracy through sophisticated algorithms, data sourcing from reliable databases, and human oversight. For example, Lingio's AI sources content from credible databases like Wikipedia and integrates user-uploaded materials. The platform then allows users to review and refine AI-generated content, ensuring its relevance and accuracy. This blend of AI efficiency and human expertise ensures that the educational content is trustworthy and tailored to specific learning needs.


3. How user-friendly are AI course creation platforms for educators with minimal tech experience?

AI course creation platforms, like Lingio, are designed with user-friendliness in mind, including for educators with minimal tech experience. These platforms typically feature intuitive interfaces that guide users step-by-step through the course creation. For instance, Lingio's AI Course Creator enables educators to transform their training material into engaging, custom-made courses quickly. This process is streamlined and doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge. The simplicity of inputting training material and receiving a ready-to-use, interactive course makes it accessible for all tech-level educators.

4. Can AI tools be integrated with existing learning management systems (LMS)?

Yes, AI tools can often be integrated with your existing LMS to enhance their functionality. This integration usually involves using APIs or plugins, enabling features like customised learning paths, automated grading, and data-driven insights into student performance. The compatibility and ease of integration depend on the specific AI tool and the LMS in question.

How does AI assist in the continuous improvement of course content?

AI can capture and integrate organisational knowledge like new SOPs, ideas, or practices developed within a business by monitoring and analysing internal documents, communications, and systems. It can then suggest these tailored, up-to-date insights when designing courses, ensuring that the content reflects the latest industry standards and aligns with the company's current practices and internal advancements.

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Top AI tools for course creation in 2024: A deep dive

Some valuable tips for leveraging AI technology in your course development process

What’s next: Take an AI tool for a spin for your next course


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