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15+ best frontline training solutions to consider in 2024

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Published: Apr 08, 2024
Updated: May 03, 2024


15+ best frontline training solutions to consider in 2024

For the vast majority of frontline and deskless workers, traditional training methods are not just impractical, they're obsolete. Your team needs better training technology that reduces disruption, is accessible on mobile devices, and provides relevant and engaging content.

Recognising this, we've focused our attention on researching top frontline training solutions uniquely tailored for those who spend their days on the move, not behind a desk. Our carefully curated list prioritises mobile learning platforms that excel in delivering top-notch training to staff in frontline or deskless environments.

As we delve into the details of each recommended solution, remember that the goal is to empower your frontline workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive. Whether your team is dedicated to customer service, facility management, or hospitality, the ideal training platform can significantly elevate their performance across the board.

Let's explore these transformative tools that promise to redefine how training is delivered and received in the deskless work environment.


Understanding frontline training solutions: Key to effective training for deskless employees

Frontline training solutions are specialised software that facilitates the training of employees who primarily work away from traditional desk setups or desktop computers.

These employees, often called the "frontline" workforce, directly interact with customers, manage the production line, or are involved in field operations critical to a business's success.

Frontline training solutions stand out because they provide adaptive, accessible training that caters to the dynamic environments and schedules of deskless workers, enabling them to learn and develop without the need for a fixed workstation.

These solutions may be part of a larger training platform or dedicated software for frontline staff. They tackle the challenges of training without a desktop computer, ensuring every employee has the chance for professional growth and success.


Key features you can expect in a good frontline training software

A robust frontline training solution includes these features with different sophistication levels. It aims to meet the unique needs of deskless work environments and fosters effective team development.

  • Mobile compatibility: Essential for accessibility, allowing users to engage with training materials on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Microlearning: Bite-sized learning units that facilitate quick and easy absorption of information, ideal for busy schedules.
  • Gamification: Incorporating game-like elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards to boost motivation, engagement, and emotional intelligence through interactive learning scenarios.
  • Offline access: Enables learners to download and access training materials without needing an internet connection, ensuring learning is never halted.
  • Real-time reporting: Tools to monitor learner progress, engagement levels, and success rates, offering insights for continuous improvement.
  • Multilingual support: Offering content in multiple languages to cater to diverse workforces.
  • Push notifications: Timely reminders and updates to keep learners informed and engaged with their training progress.

Having established the fundamentals and key features of frontline staff training solutions in empowering deskless employees, let's now explore some of the leading solutions available in the market.


Top frontline workforce training solutions to consider in 2024: A detailed roundup

This comprehensive roundup delves into over 15 training solutions, including those uniquely designed for deskless workers and others equipped with robust features to support frontline workforce training requirements. We shine a spotlight on standout capabilities relevant to frontline staff training alongside providing pricing details and platform ratings to assist you in making an informed decision.

1. Lingio


Lingio stands out as a pioneering frontline training solution uniquely designed to meet the needs of frontline workers. Its mobile-based platform is enriched with gamification and AI elements, making learning seamless and engaging within any workflow and on any device. Lingio's commitment is towards empowering 2.7 billion deskless workers with essential skills, focusing on industries like hospitality, cleaning, facility management and more.

Key capabilities of Lingio for frontline workforce training:

  • AI-powered course creation: Saves time by utilising its novel AI course creation tool to craft and customise training material specifically for your needs with generative AI. With just a few clicks, you can turn internal documents into interactive learning courses optimised for mobile use.
  • Gamified learning app experience: Offers a mobile learning app specially designed for the dynamic lifestyle of frontline workers. It features an accessible interface with gamification elements and comprehensive language support.
  • Powerful coaching portal for L&D admins: Provides a coaching portal for HR professionals and L&D experts for managing training programs. It allows for easy course distribution, tracking progress, celebrating achievements, and enhancing outcomes.

Lingio pricing:


2. Axonify


Axonify is an AI-powered frontline LMS. It employs microlearning and AI-powered reinforcement techniques, catering to sectors with a significant deskless workforce, such as retail, grocery, finance, telecom, and logistics. The platform is designed to facilitate effective learning, connectivity, and performance for employees on the move.

Key capabilities of Axonify for frontline workforce training:

  • Centralised information access: Provides a searchable, centralised hub for critical information, accessible on employees' devices, eliminating the need for physical documents.
  • Robust feedback mechanism: Offers channels for direct customer feedback and the sharing of best practices and ideas, recognising employees as crucial brand ambassadors.
  • Rapid content creation: Utilises AI to rapidly generate high-impact micro-content, significantly reducing the time required to produce reinforcement materials.

Axonify ratings:

Axonify pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.


3.  iTacit


iTacit offers a streamlined employee platform that integrates communication and learning to improve the digital workforce experience. As a frontline workplace training system, it provides software solutions that connect teams and empower managers, effectively enhancing the digital employee experience.

Key capabilities of iTacit for frontline workforce training:

  • Digital workplace app: Connects teams to their work environment, facilitating frontline team communication and simplifying the workday through a comprehensive mobile app.
  • Employee feedback analysis: Utilises Voice of Employee (VoE) surveys to accurately gauge the employee experience, allowing for informed decisions to improve satisfaction and retention.
  • Social intranet platform: Transforms the internal communications intranet into a social hub, maintaining active two-way communication and enhancing the employee experience with easy-to-use communication tools.

iTacit ratings:

iTacit pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.


4. SwipeGuide


SwipeGuide simplifies frontline training, offering a platform for collaborative and connected work at scale. It drives operational excellence by standardising work processes and developing frontline skills without complications.

Key capabilities of SwipeGuide for frontline workforce training:

  • Knowledge capture: Enables the collection of expert knowledge through crowdsourced digital work instructions and SOPs, complete with checklists and approval workflows for compliance and quality.
  • Self-directed learning: Supports the development of new skills through self-directed learning content and activities, allowing users to reach higher skill levels and save their favorite materials for easy access.
  • Multilingual content creation: Editors can create content in their native language, with support for translation into any left-to-right notated language.

SwipeGuide ratings:

SwipeGuide pricing:

  • Paid subscription plans start from $649/month.


5. WorkRamp


WorkRamp positions itself as the Learning Cloud for the modern enterprise, making training development and deployment straightforward for learning teams. It champions the consolidation of learning across entire businesses, reducing costs and resources. It is trusted by top organisations globally for its comprehensive training solutions that cater to employees, partners, and customers.

Key capabilities of WorkRamp for frontline workforce training:

  • Prebuilt content: Delivers curated, ready-to-use content within its cloud LMS, fostering faster learning strategy execution and talent development.
  • Product tutorials: Provides efficient tutorials in the cloud LMS to eliminate confusion and ensure comprehension. Features multiple modes, voiceovers, export options, analytics, and more, empowering admins and managers to demonstrate task completion and tool utilisation effectively.
  • Certifications: Enables the development of assessments and certifications to evaluate skills and knowledge, ensuring proficiency and a comprehensive understanding of products.

WorkRamp ratings:

WorkRamp pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.


6. Operandio


Operandio empowers frontline employees with a comprehensive operations management platform, integrating task management, training & quizzes, brand audits, food safety, digital SOPs, and communication into one robust system.

Key capabilities of Operandio for frontline workforce training:

  • Microlearning engagement: Delivers custom learning paths with engaging, bite-sized training content. Incorporates quizzes to enhance knowledge retention before and after both digital and in-person training sessions.
  • Training analytics: Provides immediate access to training completion data and progress across different organisational levels, including the frontline leadership development initiatives.
  • Message confirmation: Ensures critical information is acknowledged with required reading confirmations, preventing important messages from being overlooked.

Operandio ratings:

Operandio pricing:

  • 14-day free trial plan is available.
  • Paid pricing is available on request.


7. Bites


Bites integrates an AI-powered LMS for frontline training with media-based training units. It allows for creating, managing, and sharing engaging, bite-sized lessons that draw inspiration from social media vertical video trends.

Key capabilities of Bites for frontline workforce training:

  • Playlist creation: Enables breaking down comprehensive topics into smaller, digestible units organised in playlists. This facilitates repeated use for recurrent training needs like onboarding, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Personalised learning feed: Offers employees access to a personal feed where they can revisit any training unit for quick refreshers, ensuring continuous learning and retention.
  • Bulk user management: Features a comprehensive dashboard for easy user management and performance analysis. It provides insights into views, completion rates, and quiz performances, allowing for detailed tracking of progress by role, region, or manager.

Bites ratings:

Bites pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.




YOOBIC provides a comprehensive digital workplace solution designed to empower frontline teams through optimised communication, training, and task management. It combines an app for seamless communication, microlearning, and mobile-first task management, ensuring frontline workers have everything necessary for success directly in their hands.

Key capabilities of YOOBIC for frontline workforce training:

  • SCORM-compatible microlearning: Facilitates the easy import, creation, and distribution of microlearning content, enhancing the training process with engaging, bite-sized learning units.
  • Interactive newsfeed: Acts as a social media app for the workplace, allowing for the sharing of news, successes, and activities. It supports employee engagement by enabling post-sharing and gathering feedback through interactive polls.
  • Live video communication: This option offers real-time interaction with deskless employees through live video, ideal for remote training sessions or instant communication. Videos can be shared on the newsfeed for those unable to attend live sessions.

YOOBIC ratings:

YOOBIC pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.


9. Rallyware


Rallyware's performance enablement platform boosts workforce performance by smart timing and tailoring learning and business activities for each individual. It improves distributed workforce outcomes by delivering targeted training activities that promote productive behaviours.

Key capabilities of Rallyware for frontline workforce training:

  • Continuous product sales training: Provides sales associates with immediate access to relevant content, ensuring they possess comprehensive product knowledge and are prepared for customer interactions.
  • Streamlined & flexible communications: Allows for the customisation of communication strategies, offering the ability to broadcast messages across the entire sales force or target specific segments for more focused engagement.
  • AI sales coach for on-demand mentorship: Facilitates goal achievement and sales target exceedance by customising sales tactics and resources to each seller's unique context in real-time, accelerating their success.

Rallyware ratings:

Rallyware pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.


10. EdApp


EdApp is a mobile-first LMS that revitalises corporate and retail training, making it efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Designed for training teams on any device, anywhere, it enhances eLearning accessibility and engagement.

Key capabilities of EdApp for frontline workforce training:

  • AI-assisted course creation: Eliminates the need to start courses from scratch by using AI to generate entire courses, allowing creators to focus on refining content, design, and interactivity.
  • Gamification: Breaks the stereotype of boring training by incorporating gaming elements like swipes, drag-and-drop, and match, turning learning into an engaging, game-like experience.
  • Knowledge assessment with quizzes: Features an in-built quiz maker to reinforce concepts, collect feedback, and quickly identify knowledge gaps.

EdApp ratings:

EdApp pricing:

  • Freemium version is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $2.95/user/month.

11. MobieTrain


MobieTrain transforms training for customer-facing teams with its AI-powered app, making onboarding, training, and communication more effective. Customisable to fit your brand, it ensures teams stay informed and engaged, leading to better performance and memorable customer interactions.

Key capabilities of MobieTrain for frontline workforce training:

  • Community chat: Facilitates real-time communication within frontline teams, allowing for the sharing of materials and the creation of group discussions.
  • Newsfeed & poll: Establishes a central hub for feedback, updates, and team engagement, encouraging active participation.
  • In-person training coordination: Enables the scheduling and organisation of face-to-face training sessions for comprehensive hands-on learning experiences.
  • AI chatbot: Enhances efficiency and the overall employee experience with an AI-powered chatbot, providing immediate assistance and support.

MobieTrain ratings:

MobieTrain pricing:

12. eduMe


eduMe, favoured by global companies such as Uber and Marriott, specialises in training frontline workers. Its immersive, work-integrated training enhances productivity and safety and is tailored specifically to the needs of deskless employees.

Key capabilities of eduMe for frontline workforce training:

  • Personalised learning hubs: Aggregates relevant training in one accessible spot, enabling learners to access needed information independently and on demand.
  • Behaviour-triggered learning: Offers lessons based on user actions or feedback, like suggesting customer service training after a poor review and optimising training impact in real-time.
  • Microlearning transformation from PDFs: Converts existing PDFs into engaging, bite-sized learning content automatically with eduMe AI, streamlining content creation.

eduMe ratings:

eduMe pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.


13. 5Mins AI


5Mins AI modernises eLearning through a gamified, TikTok-inspired platform that uses AI and microlearning to develop a range of skills quickly. It speeds up skill learning for employees with personalised content and fun gaming elements.

Key capabilities of 5Mins AI for frontline workforce training:

  • Extensive learning library: Offers access to 20,000+ micro-lessons from world-class instructors, supporting continuous employee growth tailored to specific roles and including internal training materials.
  • Engagement and motivation: Features leaderboards, skill points, certifications, and peer-learning opportunities to encourage daily learning engagement.
  • Business messaging app integrations: Enables learning through everyday apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, integrating training into employees' daily workflows.

5Mins AI ratings:

5Mins AI pricing:

  • Freemium version is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from approximately $12.5/user/month when billed annually.


14. TalentCards


TalentCards offers a fast way to build and share microlearning courses for deskless workers. Using a mobile platform, it presents information in simple, engaging cards filled with text, images, videos, and audio.

Key capabilities of TalentCards for frontline workforce training:

  • AI-powered course creation: Automatically generates complete microlearning courses on your training topics, including 20 cards, images, and quizzes, simplifying content development.
  • Spaced repetition: Improves memory and efficiency by repeating content at optimal intervals, targeting areas for improvement.
  • Brand customisation: You can brand the app with your company logo and colours, seamlessly integrating with your existing training materials and corporate identity.

TalentCards ratings:

TalentCards pricing:

  • Freemium version is available.
  • Paid subscription plans start from $40/month when billed annually.


15. Ocasta Engage


Ocasta Engage is an app for frontline teams that improves their sales and customer service skills daily. It uses communication, quick learning, and knowledge sharing to enhance team performance, serving as a key tool for sales support.

Key capabilities of Ocasta Engage for frontline workforce training:

  • Policy acknowledgement: Transforms any content from your knowledge base into acknowledgements, ensuring staff read and understand key policies like customer data protection and company values, with digital signatures tracking compliance.
  • Integrated microlearning: Leverages the same content for both learning courses and day-to-day operational needs, making essential knowledge easily searchable and applicable for processes, products, and promotions.
  • Knowledge checks: Incorporates random knowledge assessments within microlearning modules to verify understanding and readiness for real-world sales scenarios, reinforcing confidence in staff competency.

Ocasta Engage ratings:

Ocasta Engage pricing:

  • Paid subscription plans start from $8.06/employee/month for a commitment of 100 users.


16. Disprz


Disprz is an AI-powered skills learning platform designed to future-proof organisations by enabling personalised learning experiences for all employees, including both desk-based and frontline workers.

Key capabilities of Disprz for frontline workforce training:

  • Job readiness measurement: Utilises journey scorecards to quantify employee readiness, ensuring frontline workers have the necessary training to be effective in their roles.
  • Advanced performance evaluation: Offers a comprehensive assessment engine that blends quizzes with subjective evaluations, including feedback from managers and peers, tailored to organisational needs.
  • AI-curated learning pathways: Facilitates employee-led professional development with AI-curated learning journeys, adapting to individual learning styles and upskilling needs.

Disprz ratings:

Disprz pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.


17.  Inkling


Inkling is an employee enablement platform tailored for frontline employee training. It empowers businesses to serve customers effectively. By digitising training and knowledge, Inkling transforms how organisations engage with and motivate their frontline staff.

Key capabilities of Inkling for frontline workforce training:

  • Versatile learning content: Provides easily searchable long-form, quick-reference, and microlearning materials within the workflow, enhancing learning retention and business impact.
  • Efficient content creation: Features intuitive tools for quickly creating engaging, mobile-ready digital content, surpassing traditional content development timeframes.
  • On-the-job guidance: Equips employees with detailed task instructions, clear job expectations, and streamlined training for operational efficiency and enhanced insights.

Inkling ratings:

Inkling pricing:

  • Pricing information is available on request.

How do you choose the right training software for your frontline workforce?

After exploring an extensive list of potential training solutions, selecting the ideal platform for your frontline workforce becomes a crucial decision-making process. Below, we distil key considerations and offer strategic advice to assist you in navigating through the options and securing the best training solution for your team's unique needs.

  • Select ones with dedicated mobile app availability: Given the mobile nature of frontline work, it's preferable to choose a platform with a dedicated mobile app over merely mobile-optimised web versions. Dedicated apps are designed to perform better and offer a superior user experience on smartphones and tablets.
  • Check for customisable content: The ability to tailor training materials to specific roles and industry challenges is crucial for relevance and effectiveness. For example, if you need to train retail staff on customer service and product knowledge, the platform should allow you to create or modify content that addresses these specific areas. This will ensure that your team receives training that's directly applicable to their daily interactions and tasks.
  • Consider engagement features: Opt for platforms that incorporate gamification, interactive quizzes, and multimedia content to maintain high engagement levels and motivate learners throughout their training journey.
  • Assess scalability: Select a platform capable of accommodating your business's growth, easily managing an increasing number of users and evolving training needs without compromising performance.
  • Analyse integration potential: The chosen solution should seamlessly integrate with your existing HR and operational systems, ensuring streamlined learning management and data flow across your organisation.
  • Ensure offline access: For frontline workers who may operate in areas with limited internet connectivity, a platform offering offline access to training materials is essential. This ensures that learning can continue uninterrupted, regardless of location or network stability.
  • Look for technical support and training. The effectiveness of a training platform also hinges on the quality of support and training provided to your organisation. Look for platforms that offer comprehensive onboarding, continuous technical support, and resources to help you maximise the software's use.

Selecting the best training software for your frontline workforce is pivotal in enhancing your team's performance and job satisfaction. Prioritising these critical considerations enables you to choose a platform designed to upskill employees and adapt to your organisation's growth.


Successful training stories from the frontline with Lingio

Through customer success stories, we explore how tailored frontline training platforms like Lingio are not just enhancing skills but are also revolutionising the workplace for deskless employees. Here, we present two compelling case studies that illustrate the profound benefits of implementing targeted training solutions.

Lingio and Ambea: Revolutionising caregiver training

Ambea, Scandinavia's premier care provider, faced the challenge of offering efficient Swedish language training to its dedicated yet time-pressed caregivers. Lingio stepped in with its innovative mobile-based courses, tailored specifically for the fast-paced environment of healthcare professionals. 

This partnership allowed Ambea's staff to access language training flexibly, anytime and anywhere, directly addressing the logistical challenge of desk-based learning. The result was a significant enhancement in the caregivers' language skills, leading to improved communication with patients and a better care experience overall. This success story underscores the impact of Lingio's solution in overcoming traditional training barriers, demonstrating a clear pathway to upskilling frontline workers effectively.


Transforming communication in this Swedish cleaning company: The Lingio effect

L&T, a Swedish cleaning company, tackled the challenge of language barriers within its diverse workforce by integrating Lingio's vocational Swedish course into their training program. Designed for mobile use, Lingio's app allowed employees like Hassan and Azra to seamlessly incorporate language learning into their daily routines, from morning commutes to work breaks. The gamified nature of the app made learning engaging, encouraging ongoing skill development.

Supervisor Amina Bijedic observed significant improvements in staff communication and comfort with customers following the course, highlighting the direct impact on service quality and team dynamics.

"After the course, everyone can communicate better and feel more comfortable with the customers. Now I hope for a follow-up and maybe a continuation course.”

Bijedic notes, expressing hope for further training opportunities to build on this success.

This case study demonstrates Lingio's effectiveness in addressing specific workforce challenges, showcasing how Lingio for cleaning professionals transformed L&T's workplace communication. By providing accessible, relevant, and engaging training, Lingio helped L&T foster a more confident, efficient, and cohesive team, proving the value of specialised language training in enhancing operational success and employee satisfaction.


Rounding up: Upskill your frontline with Lingio


We encourage you to delve deeper into the possibilities these training solutions offer. Evaluate your team's unique needs, consider the essential features we've outlined, and take a step towards transforming your frontline workforce’s capabilities.

In this era of rapid technological advancement and shifting workforce dynamics, staying ahead means investing in your employees' continuous learning and development.

For a training solution that combines all these elements with the added advantage of cutting-edge AI and a user-friendly interface, consider Lingio. Lingio stands out as a frontline training platform designed to meet the modern demands of deskless workers across various sectors.


1. Which is the best frontline training solution?

The best frontline training solution ultimately depends on your organisation's specific needs, workforce dynamics, and industry requirements. However, Lingio stands out for its innovative approach, combining mobile accessibility, AI-powered content creation, and gamification to engage and upskill employees across various sectors efficiently. With its proven track record in transforming the learning experience for deskless workers, as seen in success stories from companies like Ambea and L&T, Lingio offers a comprehensive package that addresses the unique challenges faced by frontline employees.


2. Can a frontline training solution be used to train restaurant staff?

Certainly, frontline training solutions are well-suited for training restaurant staff. Designed for the unique demands of deskless workers, these platforms offer mobile access, short learning modules, and engaging content, ideal for restaurant employees' busy schedules. They allow staff to learn on the go, covering essential topics from customer service and culinary science to leadership skills.


3. Can frontline training software also help with assigning tasks to field agents?

Yes, frontline training software can extend beyond L&D purposes to include practical functionalities like task assignments for field agents. Many advanced platforms integrate features for managing daily operations, enabling supervisors to assign tasks directly within the app. This integration facilitates seamless communication and coordination, ensuring field agents receive real-time updates and clear instructions. Such capabilities enhance the software's utility, making it a comprehensive tool for both training and operational management in the field.


4. What role does gamification play in frontline training?

Implementing an LMS in hotels presents challenges such as resistance to change, technological barriers, and varying staff skill levels. Overcoming these involves clear communication about the benefits of the LMS, ensuring the system is user-friendly and accessible on various devices, and providing adequate training and support to all users. Engaging staff through interactive content and gamification can increase adoption rates. Additionally, choosing an LMS that can be integrated with existing hotel management systems will streamline operations and enhance user experience, making the transition smoother and more effective.


5. Which is the best LMS for the hospitality industry?

Gamification makes frontline training more engaging by using game elements like points, badges, and challenges. This approach boosts motivation and helps employees remember what they learn by making education fun and competitive. It's especially useful for frontline workers in fast-paced jobs, turning training from a chore into an enjoyable activity that encourages ongoing learning and improvement. Overall, this helps in sustaining successful internal programs for employee development.

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Understanding frontline training solutions: Key to effective training for deskless employees

Top frontline workforce training solutions to consider in 2024: A detailed roundup

How do you choose the right training software for your frontline workforce?

Successful training stories from the frontline with Lingio

Rounding up: Upskill your frontline with Lingio


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