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30 best hospitality courses to train your staff

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Published: Jan 29, 2024
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30 Best hospitality courses to train your staff

The hospitality industry is booming, with approximately 15.11 million people working in the sector in the United States alone as of December 2021. As such, effective and continuous hospitality staff training is essential for success. The industry thrives on exceptional service and memorable guest experiences, making proper training crucial to staff performance and customer satisfaction. 

Recognising this, we've curated a handy list of the 30 best hospitality courses available online, designed to boost the skills and knowledge of your staff. We've included a broad selection of courses, including plenty of free online courses, as well as more comprehensive options that provide professional training certifications. Whether focusing on hospitality manager training, hotel operations, or food service, these courses aim to build a well-rounded, proficient, and guest-centric hospitality workforce. Let’s get started - first, we’ll discuss the importance of understanding the needs of your hospitality staff.


Understanding the needs of your hospitality staff

Each hospitality role, from hotel management to human resources to housekeeping, has distinct requirements and obstacles. Proper training tailored to these various positions can significantly boost efficiency, problem-solving hospitality skills, and customer service. By identifying and addressing the specific training needs within each segment of the hotels industry, you can equip your staff to meet and exceed the expectations of your guests. 

With this in mind, let's explore the 30 best hospitality courses designed to train your staff, starting with the front desk and hotel operations sector.

Housekeeping hospitality training programs and courses

While usually behind the scenes, well-organised housekeeping is essential for strong hospitality management. These housekeeping hospitality programs and courses focus on cleanliness, inspections, and hotel management.

1. Floor cleaning training in hospitality 

Understanding the importance of pristine floors sets the foundation for this course by Lingio. Clean floors enhance aesthetics and contribute to safety and overall hygiene, crucial in the hospitality industry. The ‘Why is it important?’ section grasps the significance of floor cleanliness, ensuring guests feel welcome and secure. Then, the course's ‘Methods of floor cleaning’ covers various techniques, from basic mopping to equipment usage. This free hospitality course guarantees expertise in maintaining spotless floors, a fundamental aspect of ensuring guest satisfaction. 

Price: Free
Course: Floor cleaning

12. AI-How-To-Train-Housekeeping-Staff-12-Best-Practices-3

2. Hotel housekeeping inspection course

In EdApp’s hotel housekeeping course, three comprehensive lessons meticulously cover room, bathroom, and corridor inspections, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Designed with convenience, these bite-sized lessons provide easy comprehension and retention of knowledge. 

Price: Free
Link: Hotel housekeeping inspection


3 Housekeeping in hotel management staff training in hospitality course

This housekeeping in hotel management course by Training Express offers a complete, from-scratch exploration of the subject, allowing staff to attain a professional certificate, a valuable testament in the hospitality field. This instructor-guided online course provides an in-depth understanding of how to manage housekeeping. Key features of the course include CPD accreditation, instant e-certificates, interactive content with audio voiceover, and 24/7 learning support. Suitable for skill seekers and career advancers alike, the certification has no expiry date, ensuring staff stay up-to-date in the hospitality sector. Upon successful completion, learners receive a digital certificate, with an option for a printed certificate via post. The accreditation guarantees up-to-date competence, and assessments are instantly marked for convenience. 

Price: £20, excluding VAT
Link: Housekeeping in hotel management

Customer relationship management online hospitality training courses 

Providing guests with exceptional, memorable experiences is paramount in the hospitality industry. These online courses centre on building hospitality skills that maintain positive customer relationships. 

4. Free online hospitality training for conflict management 

Lingio's free, mobile-based conflict management course is an invaluable resource for hospitality employees seeking to navigate and resolve conflicts effectively. This vast course covers many important topics, starting with preparation for conflict situations, understanding appropriate behaviours, and detecting potential risks. It emphasises the importance of seeing and understanding the customer's perspective, managing tone of voice, and strategies for de-escalation. The course also tackles sensitive issues like sexual harassment and abuse, providing guidance on using alarms and keys in serious scenarios. Additionally, it clarifies responsibilities within conflict management. 

Price: Free
Link: Conflict management



5. Interacting with guests industry training for hospitality

Typsy’s interacting with guests course focuses on the important relationships between hospitality hosts and guests. Guided by sales manager Beatrice Gallo, this course is an essential tool for hotel employees and other hospitality professionals aiming to build strong guest connections and loyalty. It covers the essentials of customer communication, including building rapport, the significance of non-verbal cues, improving conversational skills, maintaining a positive front-desk attitude, effective questioning techniques, and handling guest issues proficiently. 

Price: From $9.99 (around £7.50) a month for a premium subscription to courses
Link: Interacting with guests

6. Cultural awareness hospitality training online

This online CPD-certified cultural awareness course is an essential resource for hospitality professionals working in our globalised world. It aims to enhance understanding and inclusivity among diverse cultures, which is crucial for providing superior customer experiences in the hospitality industry. The course covers the essence of cultural awareness, offering insights into different cultural expressions, social norms, values, morals, and the challenges of adapting to new cultures. Along with reflective activities and extended reading, this course strengthens employee’s soft hospitality skills. Upon completion, there's an option to purchase a CACHE certificate, a testament to your employee’s newfound understanding and skills in cultural awareness.

Price: £32
Link: Cultural awareness award short course

Front desk and reception hospitality training courses

These first three online courses focus on customer interaction, reservation systems, and front desk operations to streamline hospitality and hotel management performance.

7. Hotel receptionist and hospitality staff training course

Reed's hotel receptionist and hospitality management course is conveniently structured for online, self-paced learning, providing learners with 365 days of access to the content. Throughout the 7-hour course, explore a range of modules covering hotel reception, customer service, communication skills, safety, and much more. The engaging and industry-relevant content ensures a rich learning experience, with 24/7 tutor support and a free student ID card (with a small postal charge for international delivery). A CPD-accredited certificate is available for just £10 extra, or you can opt for a hard copy certificate starting at £29. 

Price: £12 including VAT, plus £10 for a CPD-accredited certificate
Link: Hotel receptionist and hospitality management course

8. Guest hospitality service training course

EdApp's guest service in hospitality and tourism course allows staff to revisit the fundamentals of customer service and refine their abilities in the sector. As learners progress through the hospitality management training, they’ll gain insights into the significance of exceptional service and etiquette in the industry. They’ll master making a great first impression by learning to greet guests and discover practical strategies for managing customer complaints. 

Price: Free
Link: Guest service in hospitality and tourism 


9. Concierge hotel staff training course

Parisian hotels of the 1920s. Since then, the concept of a dedicated helper assisting visitors in navigating unfamiliar cities has become indispensable in the hospitality industry. Today, no luxury hotel is complete without a knowledgeable and well-trained concierge on staff. 

This international luxury hospitality training course by IAP College is designed to prepare students for the concierge staff role, covering various areas of the job. From mastering the art of leisure, dining, and entertainment recommendations to developing essential personal qualities, this hotel management course ensures staff become experts in enhancing the guest experience. 

Price: $149 (around £117)
Link: Personal concierge certificate course online

Kitchen management courses for hospitality

Next, we'll cover food service online courses, including culinary training and effective kitchen management.

10. Kitchen manager staff training hospitality course

This comprehensive kitchen hospitality manager training course is tailored to meet the surging demand for skilled kitchen staff in the UK's thriving food and beverage industry. Reed’s meticulously designed curriculum covers crucial responsibilities like maintaining kitchen safety, ensuring cost-effectiveness, managing staff, and crafting diverse menus to meet customer needs. Upon course completion, staff will earn a hospitality management certificate at QLS level 3, endorsed by The Quality Licence Scheme and accredited by CPDQS (with 120 CPD points).

Price: £12, including VAT, plus £10 for a certificate of completion and £89 for certificate in kitchen manager at QLS Level 3
Link: Kitchen manager training

11. Diploma of catering and cooking culinary course

In a world where dining out and professional catering are integral to personal and business interactions, skilled culinary experts are always in demand. ICI’s comprehensive catering and cooking culinary course covers various topics essential for restaurant managers, including meat preparation, buffet planning, menu planning, kitchen management, and more. Whether learners aspire to work in hotels, restaurants, or cruise lines, this course opens doors to diverse career prospects. 

Price: £718


12. Wine-tasting hospitality training for staff course

With this wine-tasting course by the UK Sommelier Association, staff can delve into the intricacies of wine sensations and aromas, uncovering their origins, development in the winemaking process, and evolution with ageing. Expertly guided by Federica Zanghirella, UK Sommelier Association Vice President, employees partake in live interactive lectures and enjoy tutored tastings of nine diverse wines, learning to discern and articulate their unique flavours and aromas. Staff will explore topics spanning oenology, vinification techniques, ageing, and maturation across three engaging evening classes. They’ll receive a curated box of nine wines delivered to their doorstep (with free UK delivery), so the course can still be taken online. 

Price: £300
Link: Wine tasting specialist

Management and leadership online hospitality courses 

Next, here are three online courses on hospitality management and leadership in the industry.

13. Introduction to management training for hospitality

Designed by Typsy, the introduction to hospitality management course is an essential resource for new managers in the hospitality sector. It's thoughtfully structured into ten engaging video lessons led by Mike Ganino, a seasoned restaurant management consultant. Mike's expertise shines as he guides learners through various areas of the role, offering practical tips and techniques tailored for those stepping into leadership. This course covers essential skills such as task delegation, handling challenging customers, and upholding guest service standards. Perfect for anyone eager to excel in hospitality management, it’s a comprehensive and accessible online learning experience. 

Price: From $9.99 (around £7.50) a month for a premium subscription to courses
Course: Introduction to hospitality management


14. Teamwork in hospitality online course

EdApp's course on teamwork in the hospitality industry is an excellent tool for staff in the hospitality business, emphasising the importance of collaborative work in hotels, restaurants, and other service sectors. This concise yet comprehensive training, split into four micro-lessons, delves into the essence of teamwork, offering real-world hospitality training examples and strategies. It highlights practical hospitality skills such as effective team communication and overcoming challenges in noisy environments. This course is an excellent way to promote a cooperative and efficient work environment, essential for exceptional customer service.

Price: Free
Link: Teamwork in the hospitality industry

15. Skills in leadership management online hospitality training course

This six-week skills boot camp in leadership management course by GC Education & Skills is perfect for staff in customer-facing or management roles aiming to advance their careers. Participants will gain essential management skills, enhance their leadership abilities, and apply these learnings in real-world scenarios. Covering hospitality, retail, customer service, and the tourism and travel industry, the course includes online workshops on recruitment, risk management, team leadership, and more, all taught by expert tutors. It's a comprehensive program for both personal and professional growth.

Price: Free
Link: Skills bootcamp in leadership management

Food and beverage hospitality industry training programs

Food service is a huge component of the hospitality industry. These online courses cover various areas of that field, including food and beverage services, room service, and bartender and barista training.

16. Food and beverage services online hospitality course

Alison's free training course is ideal for budding food and beverage (F&B) managers and supervisors, providing an in-depth understanding of F&B operations within hotels. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, highlighting the interconnection with other hotel departments. This course covers key restaurant positions, responsibilities, and best practices for managing restaurant staff. Additionally, it offers valuable insights into various menu types, pricing strategies, and the nuances of menu planning and design, essential skills for F&B managers. While the training is free, obtaining a certificate of completion requires a fee.

Price: Free
Link: Hospitality management studies - food and beverage services


17. Room service essentials hospitality employee training

Typsy's room service essentials course is expertly designed for front office staff, food and beverage teams, and hotel managers. It provides a comprehensive guide to in-room catering, teaching your team the finer points of delivering exemplary room service. From understanding the logistics to managing diverse guest requests, this training equips them with the knowledge to excel. Additionally, it imparts best practices for entering a guest room and providing in-room dining, ensuring a professional and excellent service. This course is a must-have for teams aiming to enhance their room service skills in the hospitality sector.

Price: From $9.99 (around £7.50) a month for a premium subscription to courses
Link: Room service essentials

18. Bartender and barista course in hospitality

This bartender and barista course by EventTrix is an extensive training program designed for those eager to excel in the bar, restaurant, or hospitality industry. This course, accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES) and CPD-certified, combines practical training with theoretical knowledge. It covers skills like cocktail mixing, coffee serving, and customer service alongside an in-depth exploration of the history, ingredients, and science behind the drinks. With modules ranging from bar setup, mixology, and service techniques to detailed studies of various beverages, this course prepares staff for a vibrant career in bartending and barista work. 

Price: £12, including VAT
Link: Bartender and barista training

Health and safety compliance hospitality industry courses

These hospitality management courses include essential training on health, safety, and compliance in hotel settings.

19. Compliance hospitality training program

Key topics of this compliance hospitality course, offered by Hospitality Focus via National Compliance Training, include licensing laws, health and safety regulations, food hygiene, and allergen awareness. The course provides a solid foundation for industry standards, concluding with an online assessment, ensuring that participants have grasped the essential concepts. Successful completion awards a certificate, marking a significant first step for staff looking to embark on a career in food and beverage services.

Price: £12
Link: An introduction to the food and beverage industry


20. Cleaning and sanitising hospitality industry training

EdApp's cleaning and sanitising course is for hospitality professionals striving to maintain high standards of cleanliness and organisation, especially following the Covid-19 pandemic. This course is tailored for both hotel housekeepers and restaurant employees, teaching them effective disinfection techniques and routine maintenance for guest areas. It covers best practices for cleaning public spaces, dining areas, and restrooms. 

Price: Fre
Link: Cleaning and sanitising in hospitality 


21. Food allergy and tolerance hospitality education course

This comprehensive training course, developed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and shared by the UK government, is designed for staff in the hospitality industry, enforcement officers, and anyone interested in understanding food allergies and safe allergen handling. The interactive course consists of six detailed modules, each ending with a knowledge check to ensure thorough understanding. These modules encompass various aspects of food allergy management, including the physiological effects of allergies, legal regulations for allergen information, managing allergens in production and catering environments, and the use of voluntary labelling. After registering and completing the modules, participants take assessed tests, with a passing score granting a certificate worth three hours of continuing professional development (CPD). 

Price: Free
Link: FSA Food Allergy Training

Event planning and management online courses in hospitality

Next up are three courses focused on planning, organising, and managing events and functions in the busy hospitality industry.

22. Event management hospitality training for employees

Reed's event and hospitality management course draws on 25 years of international experience. It offers a comprehensive and well-structured learning path for aspiring event planners, covering all critical areas of event management, from client interactions to the nuances of various event types. The course is divided into seven detailed modules, each featuring videos, exercises, and exams to reinforce learning. Topics include working with clients, detailed steps for planning an event, etiquette in invitations and greetings, table manners, and an in-depth exploration of different event types like conferences, weddings, and concerts. This online course is self-paced, offering 60-day access and compatibility with various devices, making it convenient for staff looking to fast-track their career in event planning. Upon completion, participants receive an immediate, downloadable certificate validating their newly acquired skills.

Price: £12, including VAT
Link: Event and hospitality management

23. Free hospitality training event planning course

This free online event planning course, funded by the UK government, is a fantastic opportunity for staff interested in mastering the art of event organisation without breaking the bank. The course, leading to an accredited level 2 qualification, explores crucial aspects of event planning, including marketing strategies, market research, human resource planning, communication, and customer service. Designed for flexible learning, it allows learners to study at their own pace without the pressure of exams and provides expert support throughout. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate to prove their new skills.

Price: Free
Link: Event planning


24. Floristry and flower arrangements industry staff training in hospitality

Discover the world of floristry with this comprehensive CPD-certified floristry and flower arrangements training course, perfect for aspiring florists, event managers, or anyone passionate about flowers. This online, self-paced course offers lifetime access to 50 hours of content, including various topics from flower care to design principles. Learners benefit from expert support and, upon completion, receive both PDF and hard copy certificates at no extra cost. 

Price: £39, including VAT
Link: Floristry and flower arrangements training

Marketing and sales hotel hospitality courses

These hospitality management courses include training on effective marketing strategies and sales techniques in the hotels sector.

25. Revenue management hospitality learning course

This revenue management course is created by Coursera and hotel revenue management software and solutions Duetto. It’s designed for hospitality professionals navigating the complexities of modern-day hotel revenue management. The course focuses on key aspects like segmentation, forecasting, and pricing, which are essential for both small and large hotel companies. The training material aims to impart a fundamental understanding of revenue management, linking it to the broader context of revenue strategy. Featuring insights from revenue management leaders with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience from properties worldwide, it offers a deep dive into the subject. Upon completion, learners will be equipped with industry best practices, adaptable across the diverse hotel sector, to optimise profits. Duetto, known for its powerful revenue strategy solutions, brings its expertise and cutting-edge cloud-based technology to this packed course, making it a valuable asset for anyone looking to excel in hotel revenue management.

Price: Free
Link: Fundamentals of revenue management

26. Sales manager hotel hospitality training course

This CPD-certified sales manager course is an ideal choice for employees looking to advance their skills in hospitality sales management. This quick, self-paced, online course spans four hours. It offers lifetime access to its content, including a free exam and assessment. The course starts with the basics and progressively covers advanced topics in hospitality sales management, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals. It includes 12 comprehensive modules, ranging from hospitality management introduction to e-hospitality and technology. On completion, learners can obtain a free CPD-accredited PDF certificate, with an option for a hard copy at £10.79. 

Price: £12
Link: Hospitality sales manager 


27. Introduction to hotel marketing: Professional hospitality certificate online course 

The London School of International Business offers a compelling professional certificate course in introduction to hotel marketing, tailored for employees aiming to excel in the hotel marketing sector. This undergraduate-level course, available for one month (fast-track mode) or two months (standard mode), is available online, providing flexible learning opportunities for students. The curriculum covers a range of topics, from branding and positioning to online marketing strategies and revenue management. Students will also gain insights into customer relationship management, sales and distribution channels, market research and analysis, and social media and online reputation management. The course also addresses ethical and sustainable marketing practices, culminating in developing a comprehensive marketing plan. Assessment is assignment-based, ensuring a practical understanding of the material. Successful learners receive a diploma from the prestigious London School of International Business, equipping them with the skills and knowledge for a successful career in hotel marketing.

Price: 1 month (Fast-track mode) £140, 2 months (Standard mode) £90
Link: Professional certificate course in introduction to hotel marketing

Other hospitality and hotel training programs and courses

Our last section includes a selection of miscellaneous hospitality management courses. These include online courses on digital security, the tourism and travel industry, and environmental sustainability and how it links with the hospitality sector.

28. Basic digital security hospitality course

Lingio’s basic digital security course stands out as one of the best free hospitality courses available, designed to improve online safety for employees in the industry. With the ever-evolving digital landscape and rising cyber threats, this course is critical for any organisation aiming to protect sensitive data and enhance its cybersecurity measures. Created for beginners, it offers a broad understanding of essential cybersecurity concepts, from firewalls and antivirus software to recognising online scammers. This course is a must-have for hospitality teams, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to navigate and safeguard against sophisticated digital threats, ensuring the safety of their company's digital assets.

Price: Free
Link: Basic digital security


29. Introduction to the travel and tourism industry course

This travel and tourism course is designed for staff eager to grow careers in the vibrant travel and tourism sector, one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Over eight weeks, with two hours of study per week, this course, which has already attracted over 8,000 enrollees, offers a deep dive into the customer journey across eight stages of travel. Participants will explore critical aspects of the industry, from choosing a destination and making reservations to exploring accommodation options and sharing travel experiences on social media. The course also discusses the impact of online platforms like and TripAdvisor on the industry. With a syllabus covering everything from transportation and accommodation to dining and post-travel activities, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the travel and tourism sector. Upon completion, participants receive a digital certificate.

Price: $244.99 (around £190) for one year
Link: Introduction to the travel and tourism industry: Passport to the world


30. Environmental sustainability course

Funded by the HM government, this free environmental sustainability course is a vital addition to the training and development in hospitality. It offers a thorough overview of sustainable development, community building, and energy management. It addresses the urgent need for businesses, especially in hospitality, to adopt sustainable practices, highlighting the role of social responsibility in environmental stewardship. Learners will explore key topics such as waste management, sustainable transport, and the practical application of zero-waste principles in their settings.  This training isn’t only instrumental for career advancement but also empowers staff to make a significant difference in their workplaces and communities. Upon completion, participants receive an accredited Level 2 qualification certificate, signifying their commitment and understanding of environmental sustainability principles.

Price: Free
Link: Environmental sustainability 

Integrating training into your hospitality management business strategy

Effectively implementing online training courses within your hotel management team's development plan involves identifying skills gaps, setting clear learning objectives, and providing ongoing support for practical application. Incorporating eLearning platforms like Lingio’s AI Course Creator can significantly streamline this process. Lingio’s AI technology specialises in creating custom, gamified, mobile-based courses on whatever topic you like, making training more efficient and exciting for staff members.

Lingio helped Scandic Hotels, the largest hotel operator in the Nordics, which operates across six countries with a diverse workforce. Lingio’s skills-learning courses helped enhance employee communication skills. Facing the challenges of effectively training staff from various nationalities, Scandic taught professional Swedish with Lingio's courses tailored to the hotel sector to encourage integration and long-term societal engagement in Sweden. This case study showcases how dedicated workplace learning, facilitated by innovative platforms like Lingio, can effectively meet the unique training needs in the hospitality industry.

'Scandic chose Lingio because their platform creates great value for our employees - and thus also for our business. Lingio is also fun and easy to work with – they help us succeed, and we have a genuine partnership.' - Pia Nilsson Hornay, HR Manager at Scandic

Create online courses with Lingio and boost your hospitality management operations 

In the hospitality industry, effective and comprehensive staff training is essential. Here at Lingio, you can create online courses tailored specifically for your team's needs, whether you want to train staff on beverage management or hotel administration operations. By investing in your staff's development, you ensure long-term operational success and thrilled guests. 

As the hospitality industry continues to grow and evolve, ongoing training is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. Take the first step towards improving your hospitality management operations. Try Lingio today and witness the transformative impact of well-trained staff on your hospitality business's success.

The ultimate guide to customer education and training for 2024keeping Staff 12 Best Practices1

Hospitality management courses FAQs

Training kitchen staff is a crucial investment that pays off in numerous ways – improved productivity, satisfied customers, and a motivated and skilled team. By implementing these 12 proven ways of training restaurant employees tailored to the specific needs of your staff and leveraging digital training platforms like Lingio, you can ensure that your kitchen staff is well-equipped to succeed in their roles. Emphasise continuous learning, provide support and cultivate a positive work environment, and your kitchen staff will thrive, leading to the continued success of your culinary establishment.

1. What's the importance of staff training in hospitality?

Staff training in hospitality is essential as it directly impacts guest satisfaction and organisation success. Well-trained employees deliver excellent service, handle challenges efficiently, and contribute to a positive guest experience. Continuous training ensures staff are up-to-date with industry standards and trends, leading to improved operations and increased customer loyalty.


2. What are some hospitality training ideas? 

Some hospitality training ideas include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Interactive customer service workshops
  • Role-playing scenarios for handling guest complaints
  • First-aid and safety procedures
  • Food and beverage handling courses
  • Housekeeping standards and practices
  • Cultural sensitivity training
  • Technology and software usage
  • Leadership development programs for managerial staff


3. Are there free hospitality training programs and courses available online?

Yes, plenty of free hospitality training programs and courses are available online. Platforms like Lingio offer both premade and custom courses in areas like customer service, conflict management, and hotel operations. 

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Kitchen management courses for hospitality

Housekeeping hospitality training programs and courses

Management and leadership online hospitality courses

Food and beverage hospitality industry training programs

Health and safety compliance hospitality industry courses

Event planning and management online courses in hospitality

Customer relationship management online hospitality training courses

Marketing and sales hotel hospitality courses

Other hospitality and hotel training programs and courses

Integrating training into your hospitality management business strategy

Create free online courses with Lingio and boost your hospitality management operations

Hospitality management courses FAQs

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