Learning Management System

The LMS solution to fast-track frontline training

Upskill frontline workers on the go with Lingio's mobile-based gamified training solution. Reduce time spent on creating courses with our AI Course Creator. Track results and prove ROI.

Trusted by corporations and public authorities to train their staff every day

Why Lingio


Training that keeps staff at work

Never hassle with scheduling time for employees to complete training again. Train employees directly on their mobile phones on the go. Our short gamified courses keep employees engaged and eager to keep learning. 

Reduce time spent on creating courses with AI

Let AI create and customise courses for your needs, saving weeks of time. Upload your own training material to Lingio's AI Course Creator or use one of our editable templates from the Course Library.

Track results and ROI on learning

Follow learning progress and results inside Lingio's Coaching portal. Send automatic reminders and reach your learning goals effortlessly.

Tailored LMS solutions for frontline industries

What is Lingio’s LMS solution?

for learners

Learning App

Lingio's Learning App works on all mobile and laptop devices. The app is made uniquely for frontline workers, based on the latest pedagogy and gamification principles. Language support and accessibility features ensure inclusive and equitable learning.

For managers and L&D

Coaching Portal

Track results and send automatic reminders directly in Lingio's Coaching Portal. Distribute courses directly via an SMS link, track learning ROI, celebrate achievements, and boost results.

for course creators and L&D

AI Course Creator

Use our AI Course Creator to quickly transform your internal training documents into gamified mobile micro-learning courses.  The courses are optimised for all mobile devices and include built-in language support and accessibility features. 

Who is Lingio for?

chart-bar-square-plus L&D managers

Fast-track course creation by letting AI create a gamified micro-learning course based on your own internal training material and documents.

chart-line-up HR managers

Solve staff shortages and reduce employee turnover with effective and engaging training. Train staff on the go and never struggle with scheduling time for training ever again.

users Business managers

Boost team performance, onboard faster and ensure compliant operations with fun and effective learning. Distribute your own policies directly via our LMS solution or explore our course library. 

Start training frontline workers on the go

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